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43 Poets (1984)
edited by Charles Bernstein

boundary 2
Volume XIV, No. 1, 2
Fall 1985/Winter 1986

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Johanna Drucker from Against Fiction 2
Tom Mandel from Realism 5
Lydia Davis The Dog Man 7
The Great-Grandmothers 7
In the Garment District 8
What She Knew 8
The Fish 8
Aaron Shurin Three Sections from Codex 9
Michael Palmer Three Poems from Baudelaire Series 10
Ron Silliman from Paradise 13
Laura Moriarty Three Poems 15
Carla Harryman The Male 17
Larry Price Crude Thinking 20
Abigail Child Blueprint for a Scenario (1) 24
Leslie Scalapino from Chameleon Series 27
Fiona Templeton from Hi Cowboy! Enclosed Why You Are Wrong though I Agree with You. Cuddles 30
Michael Davidson Framing 33
Craig Watson Discipline 35
Stephen Rodefer from Passing Duration 38
Barbara Einzig Clearing 41
Tina Darragh Error Bursts 42
David Melnick from Men in Aida, Book II [Iliad, Book II: 1-130] 43
Rae Armantrout Begin 47
The Panoply of 48
Jean Day Never Prose 49
The Crowd from a Bronzino 49
"Dim Sparse" for BF & PR 50
James Sherry from Our Nuclear Heritage 51
Clark Coolidge Powers That Be Too 54
Kit Robinson from Autochthonous Redaction 56
Ray DiPalma Five Poems from Chan 57
Steve McCaffery from An Effect of Cellophane 60
Tom Beckett … a name, a shape, a stasis … 62
Steve Benson [We're constantly floating past each other into new lights …] 64
Lynne Dreyer from The White Museum 67
David Bromige Lines 69
Bob Perelman [Repeat, said no one in particular, repeat after me …] 72
Lyn Hejinian The Person 75
Alan Davies If Words Had Meaning 79
Charles Bernstein The Voyage of Life 87
Saltmines Regained 88
Romance 89
Rowing with One Oar 89
Nick Piombino Stet 90
Steven Roberts Aquatics: Bay: "Crane" 93
Douglas Messerli Scared Cows 94
Madeline Gins from Essay on Multi-Dimensional Architecture 95
Michael Gottlieb from Wake up and Smell the Coffee 99
Susan Howe [Body perception thought of perceiving …] 102
Peter Seaton Two Words 103
Diane Ward Cracks 106
Bruce Andrews from I Don't Have Any Paper So Shut Up (Or, Social Romanticism): "I Want Educated Oxen" 109
Erica Hunt Three Fates 111
Charles Bernstein Afterword 112
Further Reading 113