Realism: An Anthology of 'Language' Writing
edited by Ron Silliman

Ironwood 20

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Ron Silliman Realism 62
Bruce Andrews from Confidence Trick 71
Rae Armantrout Single Most 72
Steve Benson Realism 74
Alan Bernheimer Aftermath 75
Word of Art 76
Charles Bernstein Brain Side View 77
Clark Coolidge What Does It Mean That Light Can't Clear the Street? 80
Tina Darragh Ambiguous Figures 81
Alan Davies from The Fervent Lives Of 83
Jean Day Limit 85
Ray Di Palma The Anecdote That Went with It 86
Michael Gottlieb from Social Realism 88
Robert Grenier Further Beach Poem Drafts 89
Carla Harryman The House 92
Lyn Hejinian The Pit 95
Light 96
P. Inman nimr 97
Tom Mandel What You Borrowed from Me, That's What I Want Back 98
Bob Perelman Housing Starts 99
Kit Robinson Riddle Road 102
Stephen Rodefer Eats Lake 105
Peter Seaton How to Read VI 106
James Sherry Fleecing 109
Ron Silliman Albany 112
Diana Ward Floating in Nylon 114
Barrett Watten Introduction to the Letter T 115
Hannah Weiner from Spoke 121
Kathleen Fraser Partial Local Coherence • Regions with Illustrations: Some Notes on Language Writing 122
Contributor Bios 140