To:Penn Undergraduates
Valerie Ross, Director, The Critical Writing Program
Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing
Re:Seeking Editors & Peer Reviewers of New Journal of Freshman Writing

The Critical Writing Program is looking for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to serve on the editorial board of our forthcoming annual journal, "3808: A Journal of Freshman Writing," to be published in Fall 2004. The only qualifications necessary are enthusiasm and a demonstrated interested in writing. By providing freshmen with a broad, university-wide audience for their work, 3808 will encourage students to consider the relevance of their writing beyond the classroom. We hope that the collection also will promote greater community and connection between students and writing faculty at Penn.

Undergraduate members of the 3808 Editorial Board will serve as peer reviewers, working with the Faculty Editorial Board who will also be reviewing essays. In addition, members of the editorial board can participate in various aspects of the journal, from editing and proofreading to production, promotion, distribution, events coordination, peer review training, and presentations.

Time commitment should be relatively modest, with a few peak demands of time. Please join 3808! You'll not only gain valuable knowledge and experience about editing and publishing, you'll also be in the forefront of forging a new, scholarly writing community among students and faculty at Penn!

interested students should contact Juliet Shields at by February 12