Dialog on Poetry and Poetics:

The 1st Convention of Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics

in Honor of Prof. Marjorie Perloff’s 80th Birthday
Registration: September 28, 2011
Conference: September 29-30, 2011

Wuhan, China


The 2007 International Conference on 20th Century American Poetry in Wuhan, China, inaugurated a new era for American poetry study in China and for the exchange of poetry between China and America. The landmark conference proceedings included over 70 essays by authors from around the world. The conference also led to the formation of the Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics (CAAP), based at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing (CPCW). In order to facilitate academic exchange and to promote poetry and poetics of (and beyond) America and China, CAAP will co-host “Dialog on Poetry and Poetics: The First Convention of the Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics” (Wuhan, China, September 29-30, 2011) with CPCW at Penn, Central China Normal University, Foreign Literature Studies (AHCI journal) and Forum for World Literature Studies. CAAP President Marjorie Perloff, professor emerita of Stanford University, CAAP Vice-president Charles Bernstein, Professor of University of Pennsylvania, and CAAP Vice-president Nie Zhenzhao, professor of Central China Normal University and vice-president of China National Association of Foreign Literatures, will attend the conference together with many other scholars from America, China and other parts of the world. We hereby sincerely invite all scholars and poets of the world to this grand academic occasion.

I. Topics

  1) The Critical Writings of Marjorie Perloff: Retrospective Readings of the Works

2) Charles Bernstein and L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E

3) Reinterpretations of Poetry Classics: Canons New and Old

4) Sound, Performance, Text: the Boundaries of Poetry

5) Issues of Identity in 21st C Poetry

6) Poetry and New Media

7) The Poetics of Translation

II. Conference Languages: English and Chinese

III. Deadline for Abstract Submission: August 20, 2011

IV. Time and Place of the Convention:

Registration: September 28, 2011

             Guiyuan Hotel, Central China Normal University, Wuhan

Conference: September 29-30, 2011

V. Publication of conference essays:

  1) Selected essays will be published in journals: Foreign Literature Studies and Forum for

World Literature Studies;

  2) Proceedings will be published after the conference.

VI. Send abstract proposals to, or request more information from:

Prof Luo Lianggong

School of Foreign Languages, Central China Normal University

152 Luoyu Road, Wuhan 430079, China

Phone: 86-27-6786 6042     Email: caapconvention@gmail.com