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July 2007: International Conference on 20th Century American poetry, Wuhan
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October 2011: The 1st CAAP convention in Wuhan
in celebration of Marjorie Perloff's 80th birthday
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2011 CAAP report (pdf)

2013 CAAP Newsletter

3rd CAAP Conference & Program, Shanghai (2014)

4th CAAP Conference & program Jinan (2015)

5th Conference, Los Angeles (2016)

6th Conference, Kumming (CFP, Nov. 2017)

7th Conference, Wuhan (Dec. 2018)

CFP, 8th Conference, Hangzhou (Nov. 2019)

2023 9th CAAP Conference (Wuhan) (Oct. 2023)


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2011 CAAP report

The Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics (CAAP), initiated by leading scholars including Marjorie Perloff, Charles Bernstein and Nie Zhenzhao, was established in January 2008 with its headquarters at Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, University of Pennsylvania, USA. This is an international academic organization devoted to the study of poetry and poetics, focusing on the scholarship and translation of the international poetry, with special emphasis on the study and translation of North American poetry in China and Chinese poetry in North America, but also with a commitment to see North American poetry and Chinese poetry in a global context. This association will endeavor to introduce American and Western poetry and poetics to China so as to produce new energy for Chinese poetry and its study, and to introduce Chinese poetry and poetics to America and the world. Attention will also be paid to the scholarship and translation of philosophical approaches to poetry and translation so as to promote the study of poetry and poetics in the context of literary studies.

A non-profit organization, CAAP is composed of scholars and poets of America, China and other parts of the world. It is chaired by Marjorie Perloff, professor emerita at Stanford University and former president of the Modern Language Association of America and American Association of Comparative Literature. Charles Bernstein, professor of University of Pennsylvania and fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Nie Zhenzhao, professor of Central China Normal University, vice president of the China National Association of Foreign Literature and chief editor of Foreign Literature Studies (FLS), an AHCI source journal, serve as vice presidents. The current association board is composed of the American and Chinese scholars and poets (See below).

CAAP will follow its tenet and make every effort to sponsor academic activities such as scholarly conferences, exchanges of scholars, translation, and publication. All scholars and poets who share the interests of this Association are warmly welcome to join. The email address is

President: Marjorie Perloff      
Vice Presidents: Charles Bernstein 
                              Nie Zhenzhao          
Executive director: Luo Lianggong

Members of CAAP Board:
Dong, Hongchuan Sichuan International Studies University, China
Filreis, Al University of Pennsylvania, USA
Hu, Sishe Xi’an International Studies University, China
Huang, Yunte University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
Jiang, Hongxin Hunan Normal University, China
Li, Zhimin Guangzhou University, China
Lin, Tan New Jersey City University, USA
Liu, Jianjun Northeast Normal University, China
Luo, Lianggong Wuhan University of Technology, China
Luo, Yimin Southwest Normal University, China
Ma, Ming-Qian State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
Ning, Yizhong Beijing Language and Culture University, China
Ou, Hong Sun Yat-sen University, China
Qian, Zhaoming University of New Orleans, USA
Saussy, Haun Yale University, USA
Schwartz, Leonard Evergreen College, USA
Slaymaker, Doug University of Kentucky, USA
Sun, Jian Fudan University, China
Twitchell, Jeff Overseas Family College, Singapore
Yang, Jincai Nanjing University, China
Yeh, Michelle University of California at Davis, USA
Yin, Qiping Zhejiang University, China
Yu, Tim University of Toronto, Canada
Zhang, Er Evergreen College, USA

CAAP Celebrated in China

On February 24, 2008 over 60 poets and scholars gathered together at China at Central China Normal University to celebrate the establishment of the Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics (CAAP), the international academic organization devoted to the study and translation of poetry and poetics, which was announced to be founded at University of Pennsylvania, USA, in January 2008. Also present were some university officials as well as representatives from publishing houses and mass media. This get-together was organized by the Chinese leaders of the CAAP as part of the inaugural projects to occur in China.

This activity was hosted by Professor Luo Lianggong, Executive Director of the

CAAP and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Literature Studies (FLS), an AHCI source journal. Prof. Luo gave a brief introduction to the CAAP, including its history, its board and membership, and its plan for the future work. He also reported the exchange program of sponsoring CAAP poets and scholars’ visits to the USA.

Professor Nie Zhenzhao, Vice President of the CAAP and Chief Editor of Foreign Literature Studies, delivered a greeting speech on behalf of Prof. Marjorie Perloff, President of the CAAP, and Professor Charles Bernstein, also Vice President of the association. Prof. Nie expressed his welcome and gratitude to the guests. Then he demonstrated the significance of the establishment of the CAAP by referring to the importance of literary exchange between Chinese and western literatures in the development of the world literature. In his speech, he also pointed out that one of the most urgent tasks in the near future of the association is to select and translate some of the finest Chinese works of poetry and poetics to America and some great American works to China.

Participants were active in expressing their ideas. Prof. Wang Xianpei, a well-known literary theorist and critic, the ex-president of Hubei Provincial Writers’ Association (HPWA), believed that the establishment of the CAAP will deepen the mutual understanding between Chinese and American poets and scholars to help promote the harmony of the world for “the essence of poetry lies in its harmony.” Prof. Wang Zhongxiang, honorary president of Hubei Provincial Association for Foreign Literature, looked back at the s history of the study of American poetry in China and expected a more promising future in this field on the platform of the CAAP. Prof. Hu Yamin, Dean of School of Humanities, Central China Normal University, by referring to the development of modern and contemporary Chinese poetry, expressed her confidence that the founding of the CAAP will offer a new drive to the better development of contemporary Chinese poetry. Prof. Luo Jiansheng, deputy president of South-Central University for Nationalities, and Prof. Wenping Gan, vice dean of School of Foreign Languages, Wuhan University of Technology, both expressed their gratitude to the newly established CAAP for it will serve as a better platform for Chinese scholars to study American poetry and poetics and introduce the Chinese counterparts to America and the world.

Mr. Liang Biwen, promient poet and vice president of Hubei Provincial Writers’ Association, expressed his support of the CAAP’s work in China, and expected future cooperation with the CAAP by promoting exchange between American and Chinese poets and scholars. Mr. Xie Keqiang, also well-known poet and ex-vice-president of HPWA, hoped the CAAP will work for the improvement of poetry education at schools of different levels in China. Poet and winner of Lu Xun Prize for Literature, Mr. Tian He predicted that the CAAP will contribute much to a harmonious world and a better academic exchange between Chinese and American poets and scholars for “poetry makes life poetical.”

Prof. Li Xiangnong, Deputy President of Central China Normal University, where Professor Nie works, expressed the warmest congratulations on the founding of the CAAP on behalf of the university, and promised to support the operation and development of the CAAP in China. President Li heavily weighed the significance of the CAAP, believing that the association will help with the development of CCNU’s academic construction and international exchange. Professor Zhang Weiyou, Dean of School of Foreign Languages, held that the establishment of the CAAP has offered another platform for the poetry scholars of his school. Mr. Shi Ting, the chief of Department of Social Scientific Research, CCNU, highly evaluated the birth of CAAP and hoped that the CAAP will make great contribution to the development and acceptance of Chinese literature in the world and to the prosperity of the world literature.

In the end, the poets and scholars read some poems, either original or translated. Some read poems by Charles Bernstein, and Professor Huang Manjun, also a poet, wrote two poems to tender his devoirs to Prof. Perloff and Prof. Bernstein as well as the CAAP. The heated atmosphere foresaw a good future of CAAP.



2007 Conference

2007 Wuhan conference: group picture
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Wuhan conference (2007)ctures here

President Marjorie Perloff      

Marjorie Perloff & Nie Zhenzhao

Nie with Charles Bernstein

Executive director — Luo Lianggong