Erica Hunt is CPCW Fellows in Poetics & Poetic Practice, 2005-06

Dear students:

An amazing new course is being taught this spring, called "Words into
Sound: an Exploration of Poetry and Jazz/New Music." It is being taught by
the remarkable poet ERICA HUNT. She is closely connected to the jazz scene
in NYC, where she lives and works, and aside from being a much-admired
poet, she is also president of The Twenty-First Century Foundation, which
supports organizations that address root causes of social injustice
affecting the Black community. (She has recently been very, very active in
helping Black businesspeople and communities in Katrina-affected areas of

Erica is our 2005-06 Fellow in Poetics & Poetic Practice at the Center for
Programs in Contemporary Writing.

Much more info below. If you want to be part of this course, you must email

Best wishes,

Al Filreis
Kelly Professor of English
Faculty Director, the Kelly Writers House
Director, the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing


spring 2006:

English 111.302  
Words into Sound: an Exploration of Poetry and Jazz/New Music
taught by Erica Hunt 
Thursdays 1:30-4:30 PM

"Words into Sound: an Exploration of Poetry and Jazz/New Music" examines
poetic composition and collaboration through several lens:  historical,
cultural and structural frames.  Music, often thought too abstract for
words, escapes the lyric trap to meet words as elements of composition,
inseparable from the form.  Class will listen and write/score, using words
to chisel, count time, pattern and give texture, not as accompaniment, but
as a voicing of the moment of performance.  The historical range--from the
post war Bebops and Beats to the Black Arts movement to the
performance/spoken word pulse of today.  We'll look/listen to Langston
Hughes, Babs Gonzalez, Tom Waits, Lord Buckley, Amiri Baraka, George Lewis,
Nate Mackey, Ann Waldman, Tracie Morris and Sekous Sundiata and others who
have collaborated to create poetry/music compositions that explore language
terrain with complexity and insight.

The course will feature visits to the class by important and interesting
figures in the jazz/poetry world.

Enrollments in this special creative writing seminar are strictly limited.
Students who want to take the course should send a short email application

and send:

	* your name, year, major
	* a very brief description of your interest in the course
	* any relevant experience or background

This is a special course taught by the 2005-06 Fellow in Poetics and
Poetic Practice at the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing.

Erica Hunt works at the forefront of experimental poetry and poetics,
critical race theory, and feminist aesthetics. She has written three books
of poetry: Arcade, with artist Alison Saar, Piece Logic, and Local History
(Roof Books, 1993). Her published and forthcoming essays include "Notes for
an Oppositional Poetics" (The Politics of Poetic Form,, ed. Charles
Bernstein), "Parabolay" (Boundary 2), and "Roots of the Black Avant Garde"
(Tripwire, forthcoming). Hunt's poems can be found in Moving Borders: Three
Decades of Innovative Writing by Women (ed. Mary Margaret Sloan), Iowa
Poetry Review, and the Virago Anthology of Women's Love Poetry. Hunt has
also worked as a housing organizer, radio producer, poetry teacher, and
program officer for a social justice campaign. She is currently president
of The Twenty-First Century Foundation which supports organizations
addressing root causes of social injustice impacting the Black community.
For more of Erica Hunt, see