video cameras

The Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing (CPCW) now owns two video cameras, "Pablo" (as in Picasso) and "Baudrillard." Pablo and Baudrillard will be signed out separately.

Baudrillard is for use by instructors currently teaching writing seminars in the Critical Writing Program--specifically to record class sessions for the purpose of analyzing and improving teaching. Please note: Winston is not ready for use. Instructors of writing seminars will soon receive an announcement about the use of this camera from Valerie Ross, Director of the Critical Writing Program.

Pablo is for general CPCW use--not just for recording teaching but also for special writing-related projects. Pablo may be used by anyone affiliated with CPCW programs -- in the Critical Writing Program, the Creative Writing Program, the Kelly Writers House, PENNsound, etc. for legitimate projects relating to these programs. Those wishing to sign out Pablo must first request to borrow the camera by sending an email message to We will respond quickly, informing the person requesting the camera if indeed he or she can borrow it, and, if yes, providing rules and guidelines for use and help with scheduling.

Winston and Pablo are portable cameras that record for a maximum of 90 minutes per batter charge (longer, obviously, if the camera is plugged into the wall). A single tape also lasts 90 minutes.

All users will pay the cost of the tapes they use ($4 per tape) in cash. Users will sign a form when taking the camera (the form explains the liability). If the camera is damaged or lost, the borrower is liable.

Full instructions for use will be in the camera case.

IMPORTANT: Those who borrow either camera will be told not to assume that normally we can put much time and effort into converting the tape into DVD, making multiple copies on CDs, uploading the video onto a server for viewing on the web, etc. This work is extremely time-consuming and we simply do not have the staff to do it. Chris Mustazza, CPCW's IT Support Specialist, can and will work with individual borrowers to copy the tape into a version easiest for viewing.