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Portraits Series 3

Ann's Goodbye

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Ann Lauterbach
Ann had come to town to pack up her loft on Duane Street.
She had lost her lease.
I talked to her at the Clocktower studios of WPS1.
December 4, 2006
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Karen and the 290 (West)

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Karen Mac Cormack
Karen moved to Buffalo last year and I wanted to know how she found the driving. Personally, I loved being able to park just about anywhere in Buffalo, a far cry from the parking conditions in my New York neighborhood. Some afternoons I would drive around town and park in front of stores, just for the pleasure of getting a space so easily. But then, where I worked, at the university, there you could never far a space close to the office.

January 28, 2007
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McCaffery Up Close

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Steve McCaffery
It was Steve's 60th birthday and he had come to New York with Karen to celebrate.
January 28, 2007
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Mei-mei's Mesa

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Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
I met Mei-mei about 30 years ago and we have been talking ever since.
December 3, 2006
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Nick Piombino
Nick and I met at Artie's to discuss the book version of his Fait Accompli blog. I had the pastrami on rye with Russian. We were sitting in the glass-enclosed porch when I saw my mother walk by, which was curious because I had just been talking about her. She came in to say hello to Nick.
December 11, 2006
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Richard: Living Latin, Dying English

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Richard Tuttle
I talked to Richard right after taping our Close Listening show at WPS1 at the Clocktower studios.
December 4, 2006
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