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A New Disability Poetics Symposium

Recorded at the LGBT Center at the University of Pennsylvania on October 18, 2018. Organized by Jennifer Bartlett, Ariel Resnikoff, Adam Sax, and Orchid Tierney, in collaboration with Knar Gavin, Declan Gould, Davy Knittle, and Michael Northen.

Transcription file (raw): RTF

These are the archive files of the conference as presented to PennSound by the organizers. All files are downloadable.

Larry Eigner’s Disability Poetics

Moderated by Charles Bernstein

  1. George Hart, "Larry Eigner’s Ecrippoetics" (22:14): MP3
  2. Michael Davidson, “'the endless / Room at the center': Doing Time With Eigner” (29:33): MP3
  3. Jennifer Bartlett, "Projective Verse" (24:27): MP3
  4. Full reading (1:22:45): MP3

Disability & Performance

Moderated by Declan Gould

  1. torrin a. greathouse, "Bridging or Burning the Empathy Gap: Perfomance as Affective Labor" (18:10): MP3
  2. Camisha Jones, presentation (17:02): MP3
  3. Q&A (4:53): MP3
  4. Full reading (44:22): MP3

Poetic Experiment & Disability

Moderated by Orchid Tierney

  1. Sharon Mesmer, "Sea Monster in the Brain: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Poetic Experimentation" (17:24): MP3
  2. Gaia Thomas, "The I without certainty" (17:40): MP3
  3. Q&A (25:19): MP3A
  4. Full reading (1:00:32): MP3

Poetry Reading

  1. Jennifer Bartlett (8:04): MP3
  2. Jim Ferris (11:42): MP3
  3. Ona Gritz (7:00): MP3
  4. Anne Kaier (5:38): MP3
  5. Dan Simpson (10:35): MP3
  6. Brian Teare (11:40): MP3
  7. Full reading (01:01:44): MP3

Reading at the Wexler Studio

  1. Anne Kaier (5:04): MP3
  2. Dan Simpson (7:31): MP3
  3. Dan Simpson (1:15): MP3
  4. Jim Ferris (9:49): MP3
  5. Jim Ferris (1:21): MP3
  6. Ona Gritz (5:19): MP3
  7. Ona Gritz (1:46): MP3
  8. Michael Northen (1:20): MP3

Kathi Wolfe Reading

Kathi Wolfe was unable to attend the symposium, but she has provided recordings of the poems she would have read on the day.

  1. "A Stranger Is in Awe..." (0:48):MP3
  2. "Papaya" (1:11): MP3
  3. "Self Portrait During..." (0:22): MP3
  4. "She Loved Hot Dogs" (0:56): MP3
  5. "Talking to Helen" (1:37): MP3
  6. "Tasting Braille" (0:45): TMP3
  7. "The Sun Is Warm" (1:15): MP3
  8. "The Twist" (1:13): MP3


September 7, 2018
10:00-10:30: Breakfast*
10:30-10:35: Welcome
10:35-11:35: Larry Eigner’s Disability Poetics
     Jennifer Bartlett, Michael Davidson, George Hart
     Moderator: Charles Bernstein
11:35-11:45: Break
11:45-12:45: Disability & Performance
     torrin a. greathouse, Camisha Jones
     Moderator: Declan Gould
12:45-1:45: Lunch**
1:45-2:45: Poetic Experiment & Disability
     Sharon Mesmer, Gaia Thomas, Kathi Wolfe
     Moderator: Orchid Tierney
2:45-3:00: Break
3-4:00: Keynote with Meg Day
     Introduction: Jennifer Bartlett
4:00-4:15: Break
4:15-5:15: Poetry reading
     Jennifer Bartlett, Jim Ferris, Ona Gritz, Dan Simpson, Brian
     Teare, Anne Kaier
5:15: Reception

LGBT Center, 3907 Spruce Street

This symposium curated critical and collaborative discussions around the relationships between the disabled body and contemporary poetic practices through avenues that test the very limits of poetry, publics, and performance. In what way can disability and the disabled body influence poetry? Organized by Jennifer Bartlett, Ariel Resnikoff, Adam Sax, and Orchid Tierney, in collaboration with Knar Gavin, Declan Gould, Davy Knittle, and Michael Northern. With support from The Creative Writing Program at The Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, Kelly Writers House, the Department of English, the Wolf Humanities Center, the Program in Comparative Literature & Literary Theory, the Jewish Studies Program, and the Poetry and Poetics Reading Group.

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only.
© 2018 The Respective Poets. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Distributed by PennSound.