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PennSound Featured Resources, Fall 2008

    Selected by Stephen McLaughlin

1. Charles Olson — In Cold Hell, In Thicket (8:38): MP3

2. Vachel Lindsay — The Mysterious Cat (0:57): MP3

3. David Antin — Talk, October 9, 1992 (53:02): MP3

4. Robert Duncan — Structure of Rime 10 (1:41): MP3

5. Kenneth Koch — from 1,000 Avant-Garde Plays (18:50): MP3

6. Jed Rasula — Repeat if Necessary (3:03): MP3

7. Tan Lin — 1:1 (1:39): MP3

8. Bruce Andrews — j j j (1:42): MP3

9. John Wieners — Loss (0:37): MP3

10. bpNichol — A Hum for Stevie Winwood (0:46): MP3

11. Vladimir Mayakovsky — An Extraordinary Adventure Which Happened to Me, Vladimir Mayakovsky, One Summer in the Country (5:00): MP3

12. Robert Creeley — As Real as Thinking (3:31): MP3   &   Histoire de Florida (18:24): MP3

Stephen McLaughlin is a poet (sort of) currently living in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He contributes to the blog and co-edits the Principal Hand chap/disk series with Phillip Dmochowski. His first release under the Principal Hand imprint, with Jim Carpenter, was "Issue 1," a 3,785-page e-chap.

Stephen is currently writing a technical handbook on digital media archiving, piracy, and general anarcho-flarf vandalism, which will be released as a PDF by the end of 2008.

Stephen edits the podcast "PoemTalk at the Writers House," and is a contributing editor at PennSound and Salient projects include PennSound's Robert Creeley page and ubu's reissue of Tellus magazine. He is currently an M.A. student at the Piet Zwart Institute, and received his B.A. from Penn in 2008.

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the authors. Distributed by PennSound.