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"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" by Bernadette Mayer

Moon out and no snow yet, November first
The first anniversary of our wedding and
The day before election day, 1976, yesterday
Was Halloween, next Friday I have an appointment
With the dentist and the following Tuesday is
Lewis's thirty-second birthday, exactly one week
After that Marie will be eleven months old.
The day before yesterday we turned the clocks back
One hour which made it seem like every day
Will have an extra hour in it, not only of darkness
But of just plain time, the time I used to spend
Skipping lunch is longer, the time for dinner
Is too early now, the time for sunset comes too soon
The time between dinner and Marie's bedtime is too long
When it's time to go to bed there's still a few hours left
To read, I'm dreaming twice as much as before
I spend all my new time lying in bed thinking.
Last night I saw "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"
And tonight when I came into my room to go to work
I found an old seedpod on the floor by my desk.
In the movie if you see one of these it's time to die.
It's time to write some letters, good cold air
Comes in my window, it wakes me up, we had a bottle
Of champagne and Marie went to sleep without crying
It's time to read Fielding's Guide to European Travel
And the Alice Toklas Cookbook again, a few books by
      John McPhee
Our new American Heritage anniversary dictionary,
The Adventures of a Mathematician by Stanislas Ulam
And The Wild Boy of Aveyron by a behaviorist psychologist
About a boy brought up by wolves