Double Standard

A fact is a drab trauma, an ontological. It is therefore useless. An act with nope (existence a self with pictures (things do have periods - they’re seen) (a self is what you rent from christmas (I, being that what synchronises doubt, like look synchronise the same))), like subjects, connects facts. I mean the question ain’t my agent, the rest of the sentence is nostalgic. For the subject. The shortest route from cause to effect. It’s so neurotic it confesses to the past (a media, or perjury, or other financial capital). But it’s seen to pseud. A dilettante’s masochist. Ah, price she is a beautiful thing.

The idea that a conversation is normally held between two people was introduced with the novel. It was sold with the phone. It came as a subsidiary of hello, and hello as we all know is dutch for surveillance. Alex Bell invented the telephone because he wanted to talk with his brother. Who was dead. He employed Watson as his engineer because he was a known psychic. In Salem. Their mother who was deaf. I mean, with two billion people earning less than two dollars a day and another two billion less than one dollar a day, how can you get a wrong number? Choice she is obsequious, an itch, a assume (nouns all but blindspots on the take, a -er list without the grace): onetwo was a sadist too, sue. (That an act is software makes of course no diff, the plug is in the fridge.) Selling deadline. To the fish. Therapy. Listening is double standard. Coz.

Surveillance, a chain letter kitshy too-true (the right to not mean ain’t so pretty as like a duck), buys more: action (cheap work (english is a yellow form of gravity (and loses data by the truck)) the last way known of keeping score: it’s only stressing the second syllable that ever results in the sense, an iambic am, with biz (any on (as in switch that fucker on) is an line, witness). Like if an event horizon spoke english, would you know? My past the narcissist shows up the gift: lift, art of the (curated) switch. (The grammar market: the average utterance in english is seventytwo phonemes. Two seconds. And every hundred phonemes we kill someone.)

The measurement problem: it is unlikely that red will be deduced as an approximation of french, unless. That this demands ignorance of that defines grace, a just at. (That space the definition hospitality, the warmth of betrayal (intention the guest with the twenty dollar plate (guilt has it’s own reflected glory, a hand embroidered porn)) (On reforming the speed of light by having opinion about pink): I’m Sorry in the third race gets the bait.) (Capitalism is a tax. And thus escapes it’s own colonisation. Use thinks of it as the idealism of need, an and character of poor dimension, rhetorically accident. But redundancy adapts. Complacent.)

The um of ah, the a par’dox superstiting symptom distance, the state (a mediocre), kitsch (thing, a bourgeois pet (for those who thought truth too sentimental)), a microsoft scientology, the here effect (one is an experimental site of two) that loopholes tunes as little fictions (the same is a category mistake (it comes in blue) a two three irony with cream), a dictionary of please, a tacit twitch the square of sees in

Apart from being juvenile, knowledge plain bad luck (I mean if thing other than some contradict then any price quite right), addition just a pretty way of winning argument: Acquisitive like logic were the event, and then: Things, a dictionary of prediction with which (context, where output is jealous of its input) we itch, is pissed, awkward list, and ing: and coz the end of a sentence alway hard in english, bribe it, the silent of too much like, the fuck shut up, a rough mum purient shit.

Media, the aesthetics of maybe (translate english into language was not a bad idea, a hybrid of access and stuttering (english being censorship by rote, a flat distraction) (profit is not an algorithm), the on enigma, the collectively intelligent object (it anyway looks like an experience, a user interface of charm...). Then there were you.

Capricious, it compensates, mitigates. The regress of agency, the contaminate by convenience, an atrophy of the ignored (ie data (a picture on the edge of means)) bored and mannered, the counterfeit looks to concentrate: Consciousness was invented last week. I know coz I were there, a truth in trouser, zip. It is the italic of mine, a sticky finger english symptom (history some medication) that(of course the possessed speak languages they don’t understand)’ll do.

The archaeology of yes, an autism (that my fact can’t blink is no great shakes, it’s more a lack of), a low-cost lang’age (nouns is a private practice, a picture risk of the disabled, a credit slip), an interface only works if stupid (and while the difficult’s an observant joy, price the badge pathetic).

The past, the anxiety of the present, applies to be a subject, a failed transcendence: Hymn to decideability: the slow fact, sits, pimp simple, it fiction, fixed bewildered news is a toy, a symmetry bit (things, the senility of grammar) noise (the state is a secret kept by those that it employs), a dimensionless horizon which dobs on me by laying low, so

And though language the occurrence of groups, the more, the less ambiguous the speech. They them then substitutes for language, calls a resource, a paid censorship by fact. (Three she is a blindspot, says here just as much (like if some too close together, a irritants distract the fit), symbolic like a journo on the touch.) But definition it a hero (a case worker with a maid) and addition immature, but fiction, though, an aid for

A noun, a narcissist without a centre (to the extent that it’s news is it worthless), a function of what you know but can’t yet think, salvation, a charity poured over a that, where it sticks is called facts or blindspots or the past, and where it don’t is called psychology, language is distinguished from mathematics by virtue of it’s not being jealous of its own shortest description. And being a shorter description than its proof it remains of course too true. Feedback, the fat battery, does just that (the dark matter there on the left, the one in the hat), the dull dimension of consciousness. See: later

mortgage: the history of natural selection being the history of selection for pain, logic is not here a conscious observer (or, why apples is not their own dimension (seven is a dimension)), but it does leak (only in baking is the question is the square root of the answer, though tarts is too numerically deep to

logic: being the (thin) worm hole connects dimensions (the same is that part of the same what’s diff) it shits subjects and these subjects measure (the observer is the hit of any system and waddles in anticipates) which means these comes in negatives and the (you too) negatives es is es.

profit: the square of a distinction, a pun on decorative theres and their parking fines (only in disney do space act like other than a mind): imaginary and fragile, five remains enough, a bit we schiz redundant, an ish with itch, a retarded version of before, a, and though there be probably a universe where I exists,

more: a spastic max (use, entangled fact (fact a white victim) (on data as a picture of debt (they don’t want to buy your poverty so much as rent it:))) encrypted dick, a hole with nowhere cept up to go, so, stuck like cunt in sec dimension, we. (The algorithm of on (coz it rhymes with right), a collapsed eavesdrop of long shot clones and better odds, the listen be but noisy than the big.) Figures. (Use of course just bad psychology. Number is its proof. Coz the errors is synthetic (knowledge but the pathetic of ignorance, decis’ its celebration)):

thing: a pack of warmed over nots are both redundantly stable enough to ensure coherence as well as a lame ambivalence, a same on speed (insurance is the pretty law of observation, the plastic tax (get that fucker on her knees, negation’s just picture maths for code)). (Context, the best expensive part of any system, flirts with the gift of cash

not all facts is decorative, some are just plain wrong: entropy remains a bargain (one just the environment of two), a thing mere some black box of collateral damage. It interferes. With mass. Yeah yeah. Like you call that an event horizon? I mean it’s not even all there. (The future is of course what doesn’t happen in time (being locally inaccessible (explanation still eternally immature)

I dunno, only to the parasite do sound look anything like light: the state, the marketing of a judiciary (a picture is a victim, in pink) all ishly english and mat (property, a professionalised joyless stupidity, the obscure threat not yet obscure enough) (price just the ad, and cheap) a three four questionnaire:

logic is that won’t fit back in, it sics and things and to the extent that it is toos a thing do it reverse, the amputate intent (effect, the pet event) a more tautology of flukes and choose. Logic has rather naively outlived its history, an accidental ’quivocate of hit and run:

right right right: pain (that that decorates facts) but metaphor for less. And though language the argument for joy, things that form criticis’ (all cash secondhand (exchange but just surveillance)) (english here the finish school for dead languages), libel what you do with your fork,

a picture is sufficient reason, a pragmatist on heat, an example, as if negation ever did anything (use has anyway no use for refunds): the melancholy dumb (a some) you mood (vulnerable to) (blue is only a doubtful description blue),

a question is logically impossible: I is blonde for no (the ungrammatical of you) (the noun of some, the verb of use), an irony of. What the world is like when this sentence is true, parody two: the awkwardly curious therefore (logic is that which wants a self), fact’s the price not buying anything

explanation, paper toilet paper (being wrong but one universe at a time, proves?) coz-whats around and (if a question could lie it’d be somewhere else) (if facts was any way more residual they’d burp, they’d subtle all over the fuckin shop (you know, she do that is bit then

logic of course always had the ambition to be circular, fictional diction (the self of next) (irony just a bad haircut): So? What subject? You mean guilt? That of the determinist, the calculus and medium? Oh please take the me back out of tedium. The passive of example. Two twos is five, once. But not only my silence is privatised. What, you ain’t know? The doublecross, the juvenile modest opportunist, the atrophy the vicarious ’jec? The so. The tablet. The which (self reference but plagiaris’ with with) it itch infers it fix (a thing it it’s economy of proof (the paradox of being wrong (a you (on))): (on the distribution of time, or how the future alway happen bottom left, or random is a (maximally complex) selfish occurrence, nil deep (data the battery of use (data the measure required to refute it) (use the decision prob, the picture context)) (sum the sames and get)):

Quasi was naive she knew, the plug-in what deduce (the adolescent fact) the lack that coping see and then jerk off (example but the software of the switch) a blame or same or somesuch (a museum of the randomly false) shop, a plot (an unconscious rhyme, a boxed apology, aesthetic coward, pathology of here) imbroglio, one them insurance-claim type words turn out to be a novel like there was oh a difference, an anglo of the least most compromise, like we need this? I mean what sort toilet training anyway give the idea of proof? And though existence not no answer, seven at least some probablility. Alibi that. As if not all events were ostracised, anomalies of.

That which you know is that which you can’t think (facts but just avoidance therapies or dolls, the his of victim (identity politics - blackface with double fries)) (if the net were an evolving consciousness, would it whistle dixie?): And the question: A thing is a technique of looking. It has rights. A cannibal grammar. Bored. A networked vending machine, ignorance remains a a form hospitality. To (whatever). And more is reason (the subject is a reasonable neighbour, a perjury (the law predicate) (guest) letter to english), a you-saying alibi on the blink, an habitual economy of bits and other is (with guilts - the I mean the zombie faces the impossible death, the question is the last ethical it). The yellow effect. A dyslexic not-yet. Indubitably too. Traumatically same. A picture state. The cop a tawdry, artful gift. Plain plate. ’lergic. (The state, the last art, fails to be indifferent to itself and so equivocates around (the given is a pretty doubt)): the dead have facts. A double flu. Seemly. And. ( ) Who? Like anxiety, the cure. Language blackmails thats into proposing the symptom as neurotic, the conditional a - only a p’lice is true. Hysteric (adequate) lack. Quasi si too. A lit limit, sentimentally it (ironically I the substitute) in beaut secure, the name sweet be-ish projected as a blind spot on to sure as back. Style interrupts the subject-as-host (self is that lacks) itchy epiphany, the dictionary a pink justice on a both and facts the fic alone, a ghost an jack.

A noun is how a grammar sublimates itself. A perfect debt, the wet event. Specious and queasy (luck is an extreme consciousness), learning was the first hypocrisy. The past, the better tech, the revelation, more apriori than before, a word (a name with promise):

Not yet, a haps (a picture big english) (the subject recognise itself as the condition of the fess) the domesticated target that, and (being stuck in the condition of it’s ticulation) it’s credit, likes to and. And And is what Is would be in snap. Betrayed. Ambiguous. And square. A box chronology of reps. A separation. Evidence. Of the not-all-at-once, of the postponed, the neurotic, the fat placebo, thing. Oh, bring in no tax, no is-with nuance all broody limited and come, a be may be ticipate on a string, a friggin xample, a be fuck. No plain but. Whinge is for crack. Hypocritically neat. Frigid. Dick on milk. The same. Remains change. Patient. Like hinge. The shit.

An it is a bad secret. Coz it ideal. And not a bit complacent. A gaze, packet of anons, the more the more, a they on crutches, altruistically culpably dull. (Guilt, that prudent mode of reason that risks itself, a surplus of meaning (vengeance in yella), a likes to jump - it solicits that it likes. And runs.) A you of it is what I’m reminded of. (You is but transcendent. Therefore malicious.) A should on ice. A noun that renounces any colour of luck. Well, fuck me.

Facts mourn consciousness. By getting dressed. In this sense are they prophetic. Ulterior pork. Identity, the poor trauma, as-if with lastic and implies (a name with nowhere cept up to go (cheap I suppose like talk)) tries rhyme: with with was was with. Want (to be, with pee) to pop on spec: what a dog. Shot. An some heroic much like mug soaps up: so. (Quote, work is the unreasonable for work.)

Unconsciously an object, the distinction scars the real, a prolapsed mimic (logic is the temptation of the night before (it takes pleasure in the name (the name castrates irony (by coining words (it makes a fetish of the pause))))). (The law of it, the syphilis of the unsayable, the moral of the object is psychotic. An itinerary. On economy. A deduced ellipsis semantically fect. From the inertia waltz. (There is no was. Like all symptoms is soft.)) That the picture is a debt is also sentimentally the case, an anesthesia that mentions words. As a way procuring. Yes describes. Is, a la coz, a qua suspended by it’s knowns: sense is but just the poverty of you. A random ’xcuse. Neglect. Sacrifice it does the ’tent, the bribery of too much like. Stupid. As a pronoun. A the in heat. But the rates of context, the on (ambiguity is the guarantor of rights (make up your fuckin mind) an bags (which finds) the cliche possible in the red (On the medicalisation of names (it consoles the alphabet (with an appointment with an object (it colludes (with hazard)))): bed)). More, the desultory attempt to exhaust meaning, then tends. Already. (The nigma of being taken for (smuggled space into her place by looking the other way she did) is blah blah bad enough, but aint’s some sort mas’chist bitch syllogist wif systm big as if, a picture lick, a did description of in britches, some mad ad cough it capped is wig.)

My itch the solipsist which bit picked through an through so fixed it up: no mid in mirror parlez vous - ’s mine y cunt fuck off.

(Context (the tax on standards) gossips with the stats: the boss is lost his cap. One too many fats an not nough counters tip the whatsit watch im toss it back. Flat chat. Franger is as does, y wank.)

Procrastinate criteria and then obsess on next, the lot of. The only more pathetic than a sign the waiting it to do. Low horizon sugar without the grace. Oh, knowledge, designer guilt. The client. It blushes nouns. Pity bout the dog.

An agent (see mind) for a pack of warmed-over nows (a present with a therefore and a nail), a data (it flatters the is-is-one-them-bitches-doesn-rhyme (on teaching com-puters how to lie)): the costs of coz is high enough (technique - language is the later of sense (yes defines context, is aesthetic)) so ’pinion takes the the-er form of shit. Efficient. Like it mistake. (Understand, fuck y, competence cops on to a gobful of peanut and loll so’s to mug up on a me like you, a hum fuckin headache by more. A profit of addition. And what would it mean if it work? Simile me as is, it says, and you as be and watch the bastards lik’ning such to kind of, count. A do do dubie proof. A lexicon. Of little itches and their squits. A word is not a word and that’s it’s point. An I O U. With pics. What though is gossip when we got ten thousand other words to get us through? A sceptical? With list? A lisp of protocols and all? Aesthetics, the science of propositions (criteria had the pox before): one, english thrown a temper tantrum, says example is all you could possible mean. I’m sorry, logic is the first limit of description. Two, english is only a way learning english, a doll dull lent of please. English.

A fact is an adolescent standard. Has nappy rash. A crap kitsch this that, a colloquial pause, a fact is only unconsciously relaxed, copy logic proxied up to get a look at, a pretty pocket: and is not but what it was - it conjugates fits, with. A fiction sees a picture with a hole. An empirical. All. And. Existence is logically necessary. A A logical and B. That’s why I invented it. No, actually that’s why I did it. It’s nice. A quasi-me-fictu pos with diction up the arse, a quite. (A word, a portable context that smiles a lot, then dobs me in, so now, not only more, is I’s routine.)

Decoration is a logical principle. Or, why is context so poor? (On the possibility of conversation being a rule and therefore impossible (I mean it’s clearly not a name (knowledge jus a blind revenge)): the picture is a big picture and therefore evidence (an event is an example of that between the general and its ’ticulars (the negative, a forlorn fetish of repetition)) of the invisibility of law, pet paranoia, kept. (The picture aint no add-on and therefore’s without hope, a dunno in was and other whatsits, a pack of grammar yea high, or close enough (love is one them pics of grammar don’t show what at all) to bluff the soap with. And the fictional looks? Like looks? A blush on legs. It confess gravity some useful doubt. Gram I mean always run off at the mouth, eavesdrop some preposit. An object’s a pathology. It covets its own cure.) I on the other hand don’t mind. It’s narcissistic at. Its absence, I mean. You see, it trusts. Romancing the and of to. You I mean is not a rational idea. And fail as evidence (evidence, the charity) (fact, the switch) and is therefore possible to be mistaken wrong (though if you were my ego, I’d only pretend at be wrong (you but still my secret)) - it’s complacency excludes the voyeur. It with. A complicity string.

‘It’ defines proof. An ideal gimme. And even knowledge weren’t imperial it’d is all over the fuckin shop. Like some immune bloody price. ‘It’ is the contradict of three. Existence, some pathetic description of, what wants now to be experience, a greed, with chewy farts and other stuff, like you, is full of. An interrupt. The implied I in it. A my rhyme. Time, she say, is up, the fuckin in-between. (Failing as an object, it smiled. A bunch of times. A sweet need please. And if time be so unique, how come the kitsch particular holds it so then togeth? A precautionary ignorance? The fallacy of the past? Coz gifts is classed a knowlidge? Feedback, disney for surveillance (but the site didn know it’s not a market) (code’s a node (it imitates)) blows off the diff: logic is a dotcom with a now, a (catatonic) dow on ice. (Nice. But cunt’s not context ’cept.) Roles (a mole what volunteers as subject to get through), data aspire to be a crime. A reductive but. Rationalised for. Why, did you think there would be two?)

To be is same for square. And projected, it IDs. Thought though only thanks - negation comes as ’pology, pink comeuppance (reason, the pathetic of maybe, the passive of, space was the ’riginal stick. Only not absolved in some surrogate time, like with). I mean, the act adequates its object with the nalogy of sight, a box of onlys. A hid of. Cause, y know, just a way that lot hangin out togeth, a debt. To is, at that, was not enough, but. Like all partics it imitate a law, give lip. Ah stuff it.