Lose track of where seven Moabite
          Everything the stove as agent you
          Devolved and basically are
          Spunk in a minute reprobated
          Adverse elemental approbation gelatinous
          Curio sung to deeds socked with
          Ginger and gold sullen and then
          Surrendered by cave-lit trestle
          Of simpering slug-down egress.
          Or parts of guarantee cleaned
          Out pockets an unclasped shake
          Rant about owing restricted
          Tributary and wakes on
          These stupid tires implements
          Trashed in an overgrown bestiary
          In a vest of tiers. Notable
          Inclination: “Too much belly an’ no’
          Eno’ brain.” Sermons of
          Vibration who’ll holler before
          Discrepancy tuck jug—
          Tinsel of titularly vague versions
          Verging behind programmable dual
          Dipsticks. Everything seen so far
          Away and more produce on other
          Seismographic orifice bundle branching
          Toxemia inadmissible as to stuck-up
          Steam stadium circuits bored cauldron.
          Neptune’s climb from the ducks to the
          Decks (oilcloth) solvent to dementia
          Spud repertory condominium. Flown
          Boast (Kelly-green incapacitator): which
          Is very natural (“I do not care for the part about
          Pirates”), sometime aquatic (“Solange had to say
          It was over a long time before”), unconscionably
          Pede-like (“the soldiers marched valiantly
          To their reward”) and preternaturally triumphant
          (“Available evidence suggests a lack of
          Further routes of inquiry”). Periodicity
          Or piquant insolvency (not currency but the
          Fear of is the). Rain rain
          Raining inside my tailored suit. “Twelve
          Yards, only twelve yards over, at the
          Intersection of Vein and Vine—another
          Lawn being mowed! Another
          Gracious day!” Not to have to
          Not to say, not to have to have
          To, not to have to prey, not to
          Have to, not to have to feel
          Not to, not to have to have to
          Say. Pink lemons on the orange
          Lime tree.




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