Don’t take
                                                                       the steak
                                                                       I ain’t
                                                                           —Robert Creeley, Hello

Ear Shot

Here is the spare

aside the locker room

where I am marooned



Thermal Gardens


is not the blue

lake or pink

lake or orange

lake—just a

lake, landed

by an unobliging

perseverance who

snaps, world

weary, not worried

& all the

pushchairs plod

along the potted




The Beauty of Brevity, the Bananas of Antibes

Poussin did not eat baloney.



Harsh Light

I don’t think I

can keep her

from the lighter

much longer



Free Turn

If I had a dime
for every hour I’ve had
peace of mind
I’d still be a poor man


I was gay & carefree
but now I am grave with



No Pastrami

Walt! I’m with you in Sydney
Where the echoes of Mamaroneck howl
Down the outback’s pixilating corridors



Historic Bookplates of California

No end to envy.





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