One has told me (one = someone:  someone has told me
                                                                          = somebody
                                                                                          has told me)

                This is a happiness that you are here
                                         (good to see ya)

                                just as he stopped talking, he sits

                                        to make to fall
       to push, that is throw down, demolish, that is
                                        overturn, that is turn over
                           to ruin,  that is to make to fall into pieces
                                                                   to lower, decline, diminish


               nothing to dread when ( . . . )
               if   ( . . . )   —We have not had


                                                               climate in: meandering
                                            in: the woods where they were born

                       well the
                       —The water  ( . . . )
                       the water  ( . . . )  source or  ( . . . )  river

                                                                             more black

                       we're here
                              the (noise, sound)

                                              (repose, peace)
                                                          Ah! trés beau!
                                                already, tomorrow, since, henceforth



                       the grand invention, the finding
                                                              Ah voilà!    An idea

                                                                  (unheard of)

                  less black

                                  than yours;  —also, when one wants
                                                       as black as yours

                                                                                      very black

                                 the river
                                 to persevere, to escape, to expire, to stay
                                 destiny that you've been menaced by
                                 point indiscreetly
                                 and you
                                 which dissipates itself

                        in the sky
                                                  baby blue
deep yellow, light yellow, dark green,

                                                                          violet black, blood red


                            fly, run, go: avenge us
                            run, fly, be gone: we're avenged

                                       it is to that (that which) I consent
                                       this that (that which)
                                       this is of that (that which) I'll speak later



One recalls
                       one prepares and parts

                                                : memorize well that.  Memorize this:

           some high poplars ornament the borders of the river

                                                        it snows, —it rains,  —it thunders

among the trees, the most beautiful is the cedar
            again:  voilà!  a little river


                                                                              Horror!   Ah!

                and plunges deep into the water where  ( . . . )
                                                    touching it with the hand  ( . . . )

validates,  vacates,  vanishes,

                                                  —this word  ( . . . ) escaped from me:
                                                   details ( . . . ) escaped me until now
                                                                    nothing more to see
                                                                    is who?
                                                         in order to know who



 the extremity

                                                              ( . . . )  is soft and malleable
                                                                                        ( . . . ) but less
distinctly.   With the hand, and on top of that with the extremity of the
                                         ( . . . )  very sharp of things ( . . . )

                          this is  . . .  that  . . . ,  this is

                                                 then, today, beforehand, at once

                                                              this arrow
                                                                   this flesh

A shade,  a shadow,  a nothing


I  (can, hope to, want to, would like to, desire to, demand to,
plan to, decide to)  leave now
I  (think, believe, dread,  tremble that, nearly found, have the
impression, am afraid, can't help that)  I'm fainting




                                                                                   Les Kids
                                                                   ze ze—little ones, ze
                                                                            approach, halt!



This is [f]FORmidable!    Ah! ze
[m]MISerable! ze  [r]RIFFraff! Ug!  ze [b]BANdits! --Everyday so
dumb . . .   He pronounces it ddumb

             to see clear

      clear  (clear indeed,  so clear etc)
         disperse/disperses, open/opens

                                                oh so clear,  more clear,  less clear


a tiny pain ( . . . )
    (a minuscule dolor)



                                                                 it follows


By seeing:  in order to have seen

                                                I love to look at green
       bluish,  greyish,  reddish,  greenish,  whitish

        sometime, often, soon, everyday, late, early, etc.

                                                                 of water
                                                                 the taste of water
                                                                 I see trees
                                                                 the shadow of trees



the end is come ( . . . ) : voilà
in consequence of what,  in consequence

                                       the beautiful sky
                                                                  grey, native

                                       external, extreme, unique, etc.


                                              the most little
                                              the least
                                              the most bad
                                              the worst


                              the river
the time flows                
                              the day  

                                                                                the river
                                                                                the day   

                 (silence. )   dead silence.   (grand silence. )


                                     Ah! (joy, sadness): ah! what good news!
                                     Ha! (surp
rise): ha! what you say!
                                     Ug! (disgust): ug! the world!
                                     Eh! (to call): eh! over there!
                                     Oy! (chagrin): oy veh!
                                     Oh! (to call): oh! over there!








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