boundary 2

29.1, Spring 2002

Swedish Poetry and Poetics: A Gathering

In the following pages, we present the work of seven Swedish language poets. John Mathias, Fredrik Hertzberg, Anders Lundberg, and Jesper Olsson all worked with me to make the selections. This Swedish cluster reflects boundary 2’s ongoing commitment to presenting innovative poetry and poetics in an international context and is an extension of 99 Poets/1999: An International Poetics Symposium, a special issue of boundary 2, which I edited three years ago.

The selection features Fredrik Hertzberg, Gunnar Björling,, Lars-Håka Svensson, Jesper Svenbro, John Matthias, Anders Lundberg, Jesper Olsson, Stig Larsson, Ann Jäderlund, Jörgen Gassilewski, Helena Eriksson, & Lars Mikael Raattamaa

— Charles Bernstein

    Gassilewski, Jörgen
    Lundberg, Anders, tr.
    Olsson, Jesper, tr.
  • To Catullus
    Eriksson, Helena
    Lundberg, Anders, tr.
    Olsson, Jesper, tr.
  • From Skäran