Edible Books Party combines literature, cooking

The Daily Pennsylvanian
October 7, 2013

"Of Mice and Men" is a classic book on many people’s shelves, but rarely does it take the form of a staple college dish.

So it appeared at the Kelly Writers House's annual Edible Books Party last night under the name, "Of Rice and Ramen." The dish consisted of a small bowl of rice and a larger bowl of noodles, representing the novel’s famous duo, and won the prize for "Most Delicious."

For its third consecutive year, the Writers House has made literature more palatable to a curious audience of food- and book-lovers alike. Jessica Lowenthal, who coordinated the event, called in English professor Jed Esty, food writer and journalism professor Rick Nichols and the Institute of Contemporary Art’s Grace Ambrose to form "the perfect panel … to judge according to interest, passion and expertise," she explained.

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