Friday Night Lights author to teach class at Penn

Daily Pennsylvanian
March 04, 2015

After visiting Penn last spring, Buzz Bissinger, a 1976 College graduate and long-time Philadelphian, was inspired. Bissinger will be teaching a nonfiction creative writing course at Penn next semester.

During his time at Penn, Bissinger wrote for The Daily Pennsylvanian and looks back on it fondly.

“The DP was a center piece of my life at Penn. This provided me with incredible opportunity and was seminal in my professional development,” Bissinger explained.

After Bissinger graduated, he came back and wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1981 to 1988, which he considered his “pinnacle of journalism.” Then, he returned in 1992 to write “A Prayer for the City.”

In spring 2014, as part of the Kelly Writer’s House Fellows Program, students read and studied all of Bissinger’s books. At the end of the course, Bissinger came in for an interactive discussion with many of the students.

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