Panel discusses women in music

Temple News
February 2, 2016

At the Kelly Writers House, Fran Blanche told an audience that on stage, women have “guitar face.”

“Get over it,” she said.

Blanche, the founder of Frantone Electronics, a guitar-pedal engineering company, was serious. She was answering a question about how male guitarists like Jimi Hendrix are idolized for passionate facial expressions while playing their instrument, but women guitarists are often looked down upon for “giving it their all.”

Blanche took part in “Shifting the Gaze: Women in Music,” a panel held Jan. 27 at the University of Pennsylvania Kelly Writers House. The panel was meant to open up the conversation of visibility, but lack of equality, for women and other marginalized groups in the music industry.

The panel featured music industry figures like Camae Ayewa, Diane Foglizzo, Maria Raha and moderator Cynthia Schemmer. Amanda Silberling, a sophomore English major at the University of Pennsylvania, hosted the event.

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