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Room Reservations

Rooms at the Kelly Writers House can be reserved for writing-related events and meetings, as well as other arts and humanities programs, when space is available. Priority is given to writing-related events. You can check the Writers House web calendars to see if a room is free or has already been reserved on a specific day. If the room is free, contact us to let us know you'd like to reserve the room for your group, event, or other occasion by e-mailing wh@writing.upenn.edu. We'll get back to you soon to let you know the status of your reservation.

  • First floor
    • Room 102: "The Arts Cafe":
    • The arts cafe is the front room generally used for readings, lectures, large meetings, and various performances. It can comfortably seat up to about 45 people. Look here for a view of the Arts Cafe set up cafe-style for a concert.
    • Room 103: living room and alcove:
    • The living room and alcove are casual spaces with two couches and a few comfortable chairs regularly open to the public for gathering, studying, and informal meetings.
    • Room 105: dining room:
    • The dining room contains one long dining table that seats about twelve guests for special dinners held at the house.
    • Kitchen: where meals are prepared and cooking happens. If you know you're going to be needing to use the kitchen for any extensive use, please make sure to reserve it so we can try to make sure there aren't too many cooks in the kitchen.
  • Second floor
    • Room 202: classroom:
    • 202 is a fully equipped Penn classroom with chalkboard, overhead projector, t.v./v.c.r., and ethernet capabilities. It contains one large seminar table an auxilary bench, and seating capacity for about 15-20 students.
    • Room 203: publishing room:
    • The "Pub Room" is a room designed for use by literary publication groups with three IBM computers with standard capabilities and work space for up to approximately 10 people.
    • Room 205: writing advisors room:
    • The Writing Advisors Room is scheduled for writing advising Sunday through Thursday evenings, and is a small alcove with a table and three chairs where advisors can work intimately with those seeking writing help.
    • Room 206: library:
    • The library is generally open to the public use with shelves and shelves of various fiction, poetry, and other books, and one fully functioning computer.
    • Room 209: rear seminar room:
    • The Rear Seminar Room, or Reading Room is a cozy place for holding small classes, meetings, or workshops. It seats approximately 15 comfortably in chairs usually set up as a small circle to facilitate discussion and intimacy.

email whcal@english.upenn.edu to reserve a room.
Kelly Writers House wh@writing.upenn.edu
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