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George Stanley at the Kelly Writers House
introduced and interviewed by Ron Silliman
October 23, 2003.

"Poetry means (a) I'm going to die - and (b) this notebook will be read by someone who will see how lacking I am - unless I destroy it - & I can't do that - that would be worse than keeping it - that would mean thinking of it."--George Stanley
The reading and discussion were webcast live. You can view the RealVideo recording of the event here, or hear it in mp3 format here.

George Stanley was born and raised in San Francisco where, in the sixties, he was a member of Jack Spicer's circle. A long time educator in Terrace, BC, Stanley is now retired and living in Vancouver. His books include The Stick, Opening Day, Temporarily, San Francisco's Gone, Gentle Northern Summer, and most recently, A Tall, Serious Girl (Qua Press). To read an interview with George Stanley, see wither.unbc.ca/winter/number.two/stanley/stanley.html.