Teacher, Scholar, Friend: A Celebration of Victorian Poetry in Memory of David DeLaura

Thursday, November 17, 2005

  1. Al Filreis - introduction (6:06)
  2. Ann DeLaura - readings from Thomas Hardy's "We Were Looking Away" and Matthew Arnold's "On the Occasion of Laura Wordsworth's Death" (2:29)
  3. Wendy Steiner - reading from Lord Tennyson's In Memoriam sec. 5 and Gerard Manley Hopkins's "The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo" (11:08)
  4. Roger Abrahams - reading from Hugh Clough's "Qua Cursum Ventus" (9:09)
  5. Rebecca Bushnell - reading from Algernon Swinburne's "Sapphics" (7:01)
  6. Nina Auerbach - reading from Lord Tennyson's "Vastness" (5:31)
  7. Bob Lucid - reading from Robert Browning's "The Bishop Orders his Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church" (8:51)
  8. Vicki Mahaffey - reading from Robert Browning's "Fra Lippo Lippi" (7:31)
  9. Stuart Curran - reading from Robert Browning's "Abt Vogler" (8:28)
  10. Catherine and Michael DeLaura - final remarks (2:46)
  11. Al Filreis - final remarks (4:34)

To hear a recording of the entire program in mp3 format, click here.

A Writers House podcast features an excerpt from this event.