Youth, Ink.

An Inter-College Student Literary Reading

Saturday, December 3, 2005

A note on the event, provided by Anna Mendoza, co-organizer: "I would like to extend a warm thank you to our host college, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Kelly Writers House for providing a forum for creative students from campuses in and around Philadelphia to meet and expand the circumferences of formerly isolated literary circles. I would also like to thank all the professors and classmates who have come to listen to readings by their pupils and peers. None of us would have been able to reach this stage in our craft without your guidance and patience. Last of all, I would like to acknowledge the authors whose works are featured here, for being bold enough to share their writing within the greater literary community. By encouraging each other at this early stage in our lives, we can create a supportive network that will further each writer's confidence in his or her unique abilities."

This program was recorded. Free, downloadable mp3s of individual readings are available below. To hear a recording of the entire program, click here.

  1. Jennifer Snead - introduction (4:01)
  2. Anna Mendoza - Introduction (1:09)
  3. Emma Pfeiffer (Bryn Mawr College)(3:50)
  4. Dustin Smith (Villanova University)(3:31)
  5. Luned Palmer (Swarthmore College)(8:22)
  6. Jean Lee (University of Pennsylvania)(10:22)
  7. Elizabeth Catanese (Bryn Mawr College)(6:32)
  8. Abdo Achkar (Villanova University)(2:48)
  9. Bing Li (University of Pennsylvania)(7:18)
  10. Shayna Israel (Bryn Mawr College)(9:19)
  11. Uma Nagendra (Swarthmore College) (6:40)
  12. Ariana Nash (Swarthmore College) (4:12)
  13. Anna Mendoza (Bryn Mawr College) (6:38)
  14. Cecilia Corrigan (University of Pennsylvania)(6:33)
  15. Eric Karlan (University of Pennsylvania) (7:14)
  16. Michael Heeney (Haverford College) (7:58)
  17. Kristen Baskin (Villanova University) (3:51)
  18. Chloe Barnett (Bryn Mawr College) (7:30)