Leon Chazanow

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Ode to Al
(aka Pennsylvania Professor of the Year as declared by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education)
    Best regards from the wilds of Joisey where

    the ghost of WCW ignites the Paterson Falls,
    pouring moonlight in turbulent eddys' cracks,
    mingling daytime and night time impressions.
    I stand still soaked, immersed
    in alumverse memories
    tasting, sniffing, breathing hard, and
    glistening in a dolphin skin suit,
    still and always in fashion.

    It was not always so.

    Before the Baronness and Joe was the
    Stoicism of lonely New Criticism
    Unlit by the Window side of the room
    Warmed only by the wild winds of righteous demon-
    Memories of turmoil that froze forever on

    Here, though came rebirth, continuity,
    Suddenly e-mail became
    Not a tool,
    But a medium-
    Stress gizmo for plugging in,
    Lifeblood, thick gooey poems oozing
    Hot magma all were allowed to taste
    Unembarrassed, embraced
    Bubbling again from the cracks
    Joining in with others reading.
    Crooning, communing.
    Mud-bath balm for arthritic bones of
    world-weary once-freshmen

    My God!

    May it go on forever!!!!!

    Cheers to all,