Peshe Kuriloff

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Since poetry is what you teach,
I'll try some now, though it's a reach,
For someone like me who loves prose,
But once you venture out, who knows?

Like others, I have learned from you
To take some risks and try what's new,
We've moved in some directions that
Have made the usual seem old hat.

You know to think outside the box,
And strategize much like a fox,
The ideas flow so swiftly by,
We can't say no; we have to try.

But all this keeps us on our toes,
And helps us to forget our woes.
The satisfaction that we get,
We can't begin to measure yet.

So thank you, Al, for being you,
For helping us to think and do,
For teaching us to aim so high,
To catch you, we all learn to fly.

Congratulations and very best wishes,