Virgin House Band

Note: This is an archived page

The Virgin House Band is a jazz combo that has played together for about a year under the title of The Virgin Quintet; we enjoyed a brief engagement at Zoot, a now-defunct hipster club downtown. While The Virgin Quintet specialized in "acid" jazz and funk, The House Band will focus primarily on straight-ahead jazz styles. Here are brief bios for the members:

Bart Miltonberger

A senior English major, was an original member of The Lidds, and has played with over 30 different Philly bands. In addition to The House Band (Virgin Quintet), he plays lead trumpet in Penn Jazz and is currently a member of Fathead, a North Philly hip-hop/funk group.

Mike Pererra

A sophomore, plays the tenor saxophone for Penn Jazz and The House Band (Virgin Quintet). He hails from New Jersey, and has spent many hours absorbing the scene in New York's jazz havens.

Andrew Nelson

A Carnegie Mellon alum and the founder of The Virgin Quintet. He plays the bass and trombone, and writes most of the music for the group. His musicianship and experience are foundations for the group.

Aron Magner

A junior Music major, is hardly ever around, since he's always playing somewhere with his rock band, The Disco Biscuits. He's a great keyboardist, and we're glad to have him whenever we can get him.

Charles Soule

Graduated from Penn last spring, and moved to New York to work for a high-powered law firm. He got sick of it and moved back to Philly, so he'll be playing guitar with us. While at Penn, he was no stranger to the music scene; he founded the band Wood, and played with a number of other rock & funk groups.

Nate Chinen

A junior English major, is a drummer, an aspiring writer, and the founding member of The House Band. He's also a member of Counterparts, the coed jazz a cappella group. He hopes that this Thursday night gig takes off, and that The Writer's House becomes THE scene on campus. He also hopes people will miss Seinfeld and ER for this.

Virgin House Band's Miles Davis Tribute, January 22, 1998: MP3

Virgin House Band's Cole Porter Tribute, February 2, 1998: MP3

Virgin House Band's Julian Pressley Tribute, April 30, 1998: MP3

Virgin House Band's Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, - Black Orpheus - Equinox, October 8, 1998: MP3