Kelly Writers House CD

KWH The First 10 Years CD front cover KWH The First 10 Years CD back cover

Marking the decade since the improbable creation of the Writer's House by an intrepid company of writers, this anthology presents a selection of their ardent, uncanny and euphonious voices. In that time thousands have attended programs, joined workshops, etc., but a core of hundreds became regulars, denizens; they came in and rarely left, declared the house a second home -- squatted the place aesthetically. Dubbing themselves "the hub," they in turn opened the doors to other innovators, literary go-getters of every stripe. Together the whole diverse crew, of several academic and poetic generations, changed the local literary landscape. We invite you to hear the resonances of that story.

Faculty Director (1995- )

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  1. Josh Schuster, "From the Beginning" [3:06]
  2. Shawn Walker, "4834" [0:36]
  3. Welcome Montage [2:52]
  4. Kristen Gallagher, "Some History" [0:52]
  5. An Lam, "A Time Not Too Long Ago" [1:47]
  6. Herman Beavers, "Eclipse" [1:45]
  7. Al Filreis & Kerry Sherin, "Live at the Writer's House" [2:13]
  8. Greg Djanikian, "Phone Call from Arizona" [1:25]
  9. Nate Chinen, "Blues Fivespot for Johnny Griffin" [2:13]
  10. Jill Ivey, Al Filreis & Russell Banks in conversation [6:35]
  11. Allie D'Augustine, "Rules for a Good Life" [0:41]
  12. Jaap Blonk, "What The President Will Say and Do" [1:29]
  13. Charles Bernstein, "Let's Just Say" [4:11]
  14. Carolyn Jacobson, "Grappling with Charlotte Bronte" [4:55]
  15. Heather Starr, "This Bow and Arrow" [0:28]
  16. Mike Magee, "A Kind of Woman" [1:17]
  17. Kerry Sherin Wright, "Autumn Lullaby" [0:49]
  18. Nick Montfort, "The Exhaustion of Libraries" [0:47]
  19. Kirsten Thorpe, "Reciting Lines" [0:44]
  20. Bob Lucid, "The Idea of a Collective" [5:08]
  21. Al Filreis with Tony Kushner [2:59]
  22. Jamie-Lee Josselyn, "Justifying Nicole" [5:15]
  23. Jennifer Snead, "Hubku for Tom" [3:26]
  24. Tom Devaney, "I Got a Frog in My Pocket" [2:22]
  25. Talia Stinson, "I Am a Poet" [3:36]
  26. Bob Perelman, "To the Future" [1:52]