"The true healer neither knows nor seeks boundaries between the arts and medicine."
- Richard A. Lippin, M.D. (President of the IAMA)

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Program in Narrative Medicine - Columbia University

Narrative Medicine - Rita Charon

Society for the Arts in Healthcare

Narrative and Medicine - Dr. Charon, The New England Journal of Medicine

Excerpt: essay by George Stapleton, medical student in Dr. Rita Charon's narrative medicine course

Stories we could tell: a look into narrative medicine

Excellent article about narrative medicine in Columbia Magazine

The Center for Literature, Medicine, and the Health Care Professions

The Institute for Medicine in Contemporary Society

Medical Humanities Literature and Medicine Database and Mailing List

Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics & Health Policy, Loyola University Chicago

The Shared Terrain of Narrative Medicine and Advocacy Journalism

Arts and Healing Network

Art as a Healing Force

Cabinet of Art and Medicine

Narrative and Healing

International Arts Medical Association

Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database (N.Y.U.)

Narrative Medicine: Form, Function, and Ethics

Article from Columbia News: Susan Sontag

Article from Columbia News: Rita Charon

Narrative in Medicine, Nursing, and Healthcare

Planning Model: Narrative Medicine

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