February's Visiting Writers

Aliki Barnstone will be visiting on Monday, February 10th. She will be giving a poetry workshop from noon - 2 (RSVP and a reading at 4:30 PM. Afterwards, an RSVP dinner will be held.

Cornelius Eady will be giving a reading at 4:30 PM on Friday, February 14th. Afterwards, a RSVP dinner will be held. Bring your Valentine!

Lisa Borders is a young fiction writer (early 30s) who has already published many short stories and received numerous awards and grants for her writing. Most recently she was awarded a residency at Hedgebrook, a writing colony/retreat for women writers in Langley, WA. Although she has an MA in Creative Writing from Temple University, her undergraduate degree is in biology, and she works as a cytotechnologist while spending most of her off-hours writing and applying for grants.

Lisa's writing often explores the dichotomy of the rational versus the irrational, of logic pitted against emotion, and as such reflects the split between her life as a clinical scientist and her writing life. As someone who works to support her writing, Lisa has found the pursuit of grants and residencies to be an effective way to "buy" herself writing time. She can offer students a pragmatic perspective on writing in the "real world."

More Biographical Information on Borders:
Lisa Borders has published short stories in various magazines including Iowa Woman, Agassiz Review, Snake Nation Review, Black Warrior Review, and Painted Bride Quarterly (where her story "Peace" won first place in the annual fiction contest selected by Denise Gess). In addition to the upcoming residency at Hedgebrook, her awards include a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowship in fiction (1995); The Open Voice Fiction Award from the Writer's Voice of the West Side YMCA in NYC, chosen by Pablo Medina (1996); Discipline Winner in Fiction, the Pew Fellowships in the Arts (1995); Semi-finalist for fellowship in fiction, the Heekin Group Foundation (1996); Honorable Mention for Fiction, the Leeway Foundation Grants (1995). In addition to her work at Temple University, Lisa has studied fiction at the Bennington Writing Workshops (1993).

She is currently working on Cloudcuckooland, a novel in progress.