For audiences & participants

Attend a program

We produce over 150 programs and projects each semester. View our series page and our annual programs page to find out about specific projects, such as LIVE at the Writers House (a monthly radio show produced in collaboration with WXPN) and the Writers Without Borders series (our international authors series). Our web calendar will link you directly to an up-to-date listing of our events, including readings, group meetings and non-credit workshops scheduled in our upstairs classrooms.

KWH-TV & podcasts

You can tune in to the Writers House through KWH-TV, our podcasts, and other multimedia projects. KWH-TV allows you to take part in Writers House events from your home or workplace, and our digital archive allows you to check out previously recorded programs at your leisure. We hope you'll dig around in our medialinks and PennSound files for your favorite authors and programming.

Lunch programs

We have a robust roster of lunchtime programs, in which small groups convene over lunch to chat casually with visiting authors, editors, and industry professionals. Lunch guests have included book artists such as Johanna Drucker, political bloggers such as Dick Polman, literary agents such as Scott Hoffman, and TV anchor women such as Connie Chung. To receive announcements about upcoming lunches, join our mailing list.

Poetry & poetics

We have gained a national and international reputation in the literary world at large, especially in the area of poetry and poetics. Various Writers House poetics projects (English 88; the PennSound poetry archive; our radio program, "Live at the Writers House"; the "PoemTalk" collaboration; the lyric performances of "Speakeasy," etc.) allow us to explore the full range of contemporary verse. Join our poetry announcement list to hear about poetry-specific projects.

Literary events in and around Philadelphia

If you have a writing-related event to promote, please let us know We're happy to help spread the word though whcircle, a weekly email announcement about literary events in and around Philadelphia. If you'd like to receive whcircle announcements, which include news about poetry readings, book launches, prizes, workshops and other opportunities, we'd be happy to add you to the mailing list.

Join a reading or writing group

Writing and reading groups convene at the Writers House (in our upstairs classrooms and online) for free and freewheeling discussions about the full range of contemporary writing practice. Looking for a place to share your poetry? Writing a dissertation chapter about Virginia Woolf? Working on a kids book and need some pointers? Visit our our reading and writing groups page to find information about reading and writing groups that meet here, many of which are run by volunteer coordinators.