Awards and fellowships

Joan Harrison Award

Thanks to the generosity of Joan Harrison (C'81) the Writers House offers a yearly stipend to a student writer: a "writing scholarship" of $1500 for a current undergraduate who is affiliated with the Kelly Writers House. The scholarship is intended to encourage and support a student with financial need who is working on a writing project or projects.

2008-2009 Harrison Award: Lee Huttner

Lee Huttner Lee Huttner proposed to write a play (or what he is calling a "playtext") that will challenge our ideas about can and should be put into a script. Mucking around with Christopher Marlowe's EDWARD II, Lee will experiment with language, textuality, and the relation between space, word, and image.

2007-2008 Harrison Award: Steve McLaughlin

Steve McLaughlin Steve McLaughlin (C'08), a brilliant digital artist and producer for PoemTalk, proposed to use the Harrison award to press 7-inch records with a poem or two on each side; these will be - to quote Steve - "digital audio poems involving looping phrases (e.g. endlessly recursive clauses) and semi-randomly navigated graph structures." To listen to Steve talk about the KWH, visit our Senior Capstone page.