FLAM (For Lyricists and Musicians)

FLAM created a space where singers and songwriters could collaborate and share their passions for music. Through songwriting workshops and recording sessions, members explored different aspects of music, creating amazing pieces which they showcased through social media and live performances.

About the founders:

Devon O'Connor is a sophomore in Wharton, fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming an entrePENNeur in the music industry. In her copious amounts of free time, she plays guitar and piano, sings and songwrites, and makes a valiant effort to sustain her music career.

Nayeli Riano is a sophomore in the College, and she plans on conquering Antarctica by studying Medieval and Renaissance literature. In her not as copious amounts of leisure time, she is a jazz vocalist and guitarist.

Together, they started the FLAM-ily (naming cred: David Glanzman) to create a space for lyricists and musicians at Penn.

Here are some of our songs!

Citrus Bubbles

You Dog, You

What's Your Name

Feeling Better

Ricky Ricky

Sell Me Back To Me

What You Do To Me

The Rain and The Hurricane


I'm Doing This My Way

Buoy in Oil Pastel

Back at the Bottom

Your Way

Les toits de Paris