[an error occurred while processing this directive] CLARK COOLIDGE


Where  Siapan  conducts  clinics
     every  click  of  the  flow
what  they  put  out  nightly  for
     the  alley  monsters
fenced  along  the  lines  of  stall
it's  rheumatoid  dilaudid
fluted  to  the  hinges  in  blow
I'd  rather  live  on  scrap  pages
     from  the  sun
all  quartz  pap
and  jiggling  mother's  weight
or  silicon  push
do  you  believe  in  just  height ?
but  the  snow  was  fuel  and
     the  bulbs  were  not
then  they  brought  it  to  a  stop
the  Nietzsche  hoverers  in  buffalo pants
or ,  I dunno ,  parts ?