[an error occurred while processing this directive] JENN McCREARY

Invisible Object.

a young girl with knees
halfbent offers herself
to the beholder.  we
should note: the forward
jut of the head; the flat
plate against the shins;
the articulation of
the breasts; the peculiar
scaffolding.  we should
note: the head,
particularly, had resisted
integration with the rest
of the piece.  we should
note: the intervention
of a mask - sharply
angled, Oceanic, bird-
or warrior- like.
an objective chance:
the claiming  of/
by an object, the
subsequent clearing of
an obstacle.  we should
note: the utilization of
an object as mediation
rather than mimicry.
the phenomenology of
perception.  the
inherent resistance
between the head &
the rest of the work