a reading series at the kelly writers house featuring electronic literature

<< a poem is a small (or large) machine made out of words. >>
[william carlos williams]

MACHINE showcases the literary uses of the computer.

Poets, fiction writers, and others have been combining the networked and computational capabilities of digital machines with the workings of literature to produce new sorts of writing that exists online and on-screen: writing that plays on the context of the Internet, requires interaction and input from the reader, and brings many different media together in new ways. MACHINE is a series in which writers of electronic literature come to the Kelly Writers House to read from and demonstrate their work, and to discuss the literary uses of the computer with area writers and members of the Penn community.

MACHINE is a series at the Kelly Writers House, co-sponsored by the Electronic Literature Organization. If you would like to suggest an event or a digital author for inclusion in the series, or if you'd like to help with the series, contact Steve McLaughlin: mclaughs at the host sas.upenn.edu.

The MACHINE TEAM is: Charles Bernstein, Jim Carpenter, Cecilia Corrigan, Steve McLaughlin, Nick Montfort, and Catherine Turcich-Kealey.

Upcoming Events

It Came from the Forums

A screening and discussion of Flash animations and other Internet phenomena
April 5, 2007 - 6:00 pm - Arts Cafe

Past Events


A poetry festival co-sponsored by Combo Arts
February 8, 2007 - 6:00 pm - Arts Cafe

Brandon Downing, Nada Gordon, Mike Magee, Mel Nichols, Rod Smith, Sharon Mesmer, Gary Sullivan

Poems and films from the Flarf collective

AUTOSTART: A Festival of Digital Literature

October 26 & 27, 2006

Discussion, Oct 26

Charles Bernstein - University of Pennsylvania
Jena Osman - Temple University
Bob Perelman - University of Pennsylvania
Ron Silliman - Silliman's Blog

Open House, Oct 26

Stephanie Strickland - New York City
Nick Montfort - University of Pennsylvania

Wet Digits Workshop, Oct 26

Noah Wardrip-Fruin - University of California, San Diego
Nick Montfort - University of Pennsylvania

E-Lit Readings, Oct 26

Mary Flanagan - Hunter College
Aya Karpinska - Brown University
Stuart Moulthrop - University of Baltimore
Jason Nelson - Griffith University, Australia
Noah Wardrip-Fruin - University of California, San Diego

Electronic Writing Jam, Oct 26

Host Jim Carpenter - University of Pennsylvania
In-person participant Brian Kim Stefans - Stockton College, NJ
Remote participant N. Katherine Hayles - UCLA
Remote participant Daniel Howe - Brown University
Remote participant Marjorie Luesebrink - Irvine Valley College, CA
Remote participant Scott Rettberg - University of Bergen, Norway

Stuart Moulthrop

April 19, 2006

Victory Garden, Hegirascope 2, Reagan Library, Pax

In Storypace, push HTML, HTML and QuickTime VR, and Flash, along with work in progress

Constructing Poets: Glazier & Carpenter

February 15, 2006
Hosted by Charles Bernstein

Jim Carpenter

Generation and poems from the Erica T. Carter/Electronic Text Composition project

Loss Pequeño Glazier

Readings from Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm ... White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares ... Io Sono at Swoons ... Territorio Libre, and other works

Interactive Fiction Walkthroughs

October 27, 2004
Hosted by Scott Rettberg

Slouching towards Bedlam

winner of the 2003 IF Competition and of four XYZZY Awards, including Best Game
Daniel Ravipinto and Star Foster

Book and Volume

preview of a work in progress [released November 2005]
Nick Montfort


winner of four 2002 XYZZY Awards, including Best Game
Emily Short

Stephanie Strickland (reading with D.A. Powell)

April 8, 2004


V is a three-part work, consisting of WaveSon.nets/Losing L'una (an invertible book with two beginnings) and an electronic component, V: Vniverse; by Stephanie Strickland with Cynthia Lawson

Joint Work

February 14, 2004

The Unknown

a hypertext novel on the Web
William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton

2002: A Palindrome Story

published online and in print
Nick Montfort and William Gillespie


a novel on stickers, with text and photos available online
Nick Montfort and Scott Rettberg