The Planning Committee

("The HUB")

Planning Committee Minutes Planning Committee Meetings are held every other Wednesday from 9-11 PM. They are open to any member of the University community: students, staff, faculty. At these meetings we discuss the building blocks of the House business that must be taken care of, upcoming events that must be coordinated, concerns that need to be raised. We also discuss work by proposed visiting writers. All planning committee dates are listed on the homepage calendars, as well as calendar hand-outs.

Al Filreis' notes on the very first planning committee of the Writers House.

Current Planning Committee Members

Writers House Circle

Writers House Circle is a listserv and a community of student writers and readers. Members of the circle help out at House events, support visiting writers, take advantage of our resource page, and generally hang out around the House. They also receive announcements about internships, job opportunities, and other writing-related events. This group is ideal for people who want to be involved with the Kelly Writers House on a more informal basis.

If you would like to become a member of Writers House Circle, please email us.

Past and Present Affiliates


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