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Hub Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2005
A joint Civic House & Writers House Hub Meeting

In attendance: Caitlin, Sylvie, Richard, Maria, Adrienne, Jill I, Jamie-Lee, Samantha, Scott G, David G (civic house), Walter L (civic house), Jen, Tom, Blake, Talia, Phil, Arielle, Sarah G, Gabe, Nora, Fred, Joan, Jamie (from Civic House), Sheri (from Civic House), Peter, Danielle.

Minutes by: Phil


  1. KWH business
    • End of year hub party on 4/27/05
    • KWH contests—submit by April 20, 2005 email to jsnead@writing.upenn.edu to apply
      • Junior Fellow Award
        • Blake and Adrienne discuss their projects
        • Jennifer describes Beandrea's project—a civic house style project—a possible collaborative sort of program between civic house and kwh in the future relating to photography
      • Kerry Prize—Phil discusses Hal Sirowitz's recent visit as part of this prize
    • Proposals Hublet – Tom reminds hub members about the proposal hublet website

  2. Civic House/Writers House potential collaborations

  3. Opportunities for COMMUNITY and WRITING/ARTS collaborations

  4. Next Steps - propose a date and time to meet again and work out some next steps on the potential collaborations we would like to try