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Hub Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2005
(taken by Jennifer, out in the garden...)

Present: Jennifer Snead, Joan Sherlock, Ryan Feitman (book reviewer from Chestnut Hill), Richard Lawrence, Adrienne Mishkin, Samantha Barrow, Arielle Brousse, Gabe Galson, E.J. Horlacher (a soon-to-be-Penn-freshman from Richmond, Virginia!), Sylvie Beauvais, Fred Ollinger, Karen Quinones Miller

Announcements/general business (Jennifer)

Hub member announcements Sylvie: Jeannette Winterson will be appearing at the Free Library this Thursday; she’s planning on going and highly recommends the event to everyone.

  • Arielle: Quake – a new Penn undergraduate literary journal dedicated to erotic writing – is getting started and needs submissions. For more information contact Jessica Haralson (jgh@sas.upenn.edu). They’ve made up preliminary chapbooks to advertise the journal, and will be handing those out during Fling.
  • Arielle: is organizing an April 23 event at the Writers House, “Wordsmiths” – a gathering for writers and editors of undergraduate literary publications from all over the Philadelphia area, from noon till five PM. All are welcome to participate in this afternoon of symposia and discussions about all issues relating to literary journals on campus!

    Discussion –
    Jennifer asked everyone for input and ideas for things they’d like to see happen with and at the House next year, and here are some of the ideas we came up with.

    All great ideas – much great conversation about them, until the garden got much too chilly for us and, shivering, we ended the meeting.