Minutes of the Writers House meeting 07/22/97

By Kerry Sherin

According to Kerry Sherin    
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Subject: Meeting Tuesday 7/22 at Vance's house
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To the hub:

 1. The excellent Nate Chinen has been hired as the Assistant
Coordinaor of The Writers House.  As you probably know, Nate is the
drummer forthe Virgin Sextet, the House band.  He is also a poet.  Nate
will start in late August, but in the
meantime you can reach him at nchinen@dept.english.upenn.edu.
And look for his interviews with jazz
musicians in The City Paper, where he is now an editorial assistant.

2. Rumor squelched: No, there will not be a turnstile at the renovated Writers House. Nor will there be a card reader, the very small security panel that was supposed to be installed. 3. We talked about the importance of hub meetings and how to make them regular and consistently attended. Mike Magee suggested that we have them once every two or three weeks, in late afternoon or early evening, and not during the English dept. faculty meeting. Kristin and Mike felt that we ought to schedule them before an event most people are to attend I'll try all this and see if it works. 4. Film night. We're going to start a film night at the House. I'm thinking Tuesday pm, every other week. 5. The Script series. Alex Sischel, Jim Stark, and Micheal O'Reilly are definitely coming so far. The price each should be about $150. I'm looking for money for co-sponsorships. More on these and other guests soon. 6. Live at Writers House. Kristin reported that she and Holly Johnson are totally moving along with Live. The first show is Sept. 13 and may at ICA. 7. Hub readings and events in general. I brought up the fact that we have great readings planned so far, and we need to work on getting audiences in to see them. Nate and I are totally ready to help out, and it's time now to think about how we can get faculty and students and people from the community to come to the House for things they might not have heard of but should check out. These readings are the core events at the House and should be promoted as such. 8. Alumni readings. I told people that Alyssa Deaven and I have started scheduling alumni visits to the House. We talked about bringing journalists to the House. 9. We talked about having a "Phila. area faculty who are writers" readings at the house. 10. We talked about how well the John Weiners event turned out and how you all planned it. We talked about Weiners early lyricism (to borrow Mike's phrase.) (At the meeting--Mike Magee, Heather Starr, Kristin Gallagher, Vance Bell Kerry Sherin, Kara, and a mannequin.)