Minutes of Writers House meeting, 08/26/97

By Kerry Sherin

To the hub:

Here are brief notes from our meeting of last month.  (8/26!  Yes, meeting
notes are the bane of my existence.)  As always, if you want to add to or
modify or critique the notes, go for it.  At the end of this note I have
also included a brief update about furniture.  For more information,  come
to Tuesday's meeting, 9/30, 4:30-7:00pm at the House.

The meeting was held at the under-renovation Writers House, 3805 Locust

Attending were Mike Magee, Vance Bell, Kalyani Fernando, Kristen
Gallagher, Al Filreis, Nijmie Dzurinko, Kerry Sherin, Nate Chinen, and
Matt Bixler.

We went over the floor plans for the house and discussed 1) the renovation
thus far and 2) furniture for the House.  Then we took a walk through the
house and discussed the furniture plan I had sketched out (with Harris and
Al's input) to see how we wanted to modify it.

Room by room, here's what was sketched out:

Arts Cafe: 
tables:  four round tables, wood tops, not too gleamingly new looking
chairs: eclectic, to be bought by the hub
bookshelf in front on right side

Fireplace room:
bookshelf, chess set, new couch

new couch, new chair, coffee table

Dining room:
eclectic chairs, old dining room table, two sideboards or buffet tables
that a
re 18" d and 36" w

round table

Publishing room:
Built-in shelves, chairs, round table

Hub room:
No built-in furniture, maybe a love seat but we couldn’t decide where,
used desks
probably from Matt Bixler

Writing advisors room:
very small table and two chairs Cyber library:
two comfortable chairs and three work chairs

General notes:
The consensus seemed to be that if we had the money and it had to go
towards furnishing
the House, leather couches were okay.

People felt strongly that the second floor should be uncarpeted.   One
suggestion was to carpet the front part of the second floor, then leave
the rear part--demarcation to
be determined--uncarpeted.

Some people questioned why the hub was not consulted more often along the
during the renovation. The group gave me the go-ahead to get the wood
tables and the sideboards, and scout out whatever new couches and lounging
chairs we need.    I said I’d report back to the group as furniture
prospects developed.


There isn't room for a couch in the fireplace room with the fan coil unit
installed, in
fact, so the architect, Harris, and I modified that plan.  Now we have two
arts and
crafts chairs--a rocker and a stationary chair--in front of the fireplace.
Harris also
opposed the bookcase right next to the door to the foyer, on the grounds
it would impede entrance and egress.  He suggested instead that we put two
bookcases in
the alcove room, rather than one in the fireplace room.  We bought two
old and pretty cool ones, that we can place for certain once we move in.
The carpenters are
building a third bookcase into the wall in the arts cafe, as the group had

We're still checking out couches.  Update on Tuesday.

We also picked up an old tool chest to use as a coffee table, and an arts
crafts dinner bell that was either a great find or just a momentary lapse
of sanity on my
part.  (We can decide that when we move in.)

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