Minutes of Writers House meeting, 10/23/96

Present: Nijmie Dzurinko, Corina Zappia, Teresa Leo, Leila Dadvand, Elliott Witney, Joshua Schuster, Vance Bell, Henrietta Jones, Allison DiCecio

Summary of last Discussion Group meeting: Jeff Wachs presented on Haim Gouri (Sarah translated directly from Hebrew); Shawn presented on Diane Williams and Anita Desai. Next Discussion group meeting moved to Tuesday, 10/29 at 9 PM.

Nijmie asked for help selling books at readings. There is a list up in the kitchen detailing how each person can help while he/she is here covering hours.

No more meetings are to be held in the living room. It is alienating to those who come into the House who are not part of the meeting.

Shawn detailed the meeting she and Vance had with Lisa New (Engl Undergrad Chair) on how the Writers House can help spotlight strong academic *writing*. If anyone is interested in helping out with this initiative, let us know.

A phone list was started. This is for the purpose of finding help for events by personal invitation.

We will be decorating for the Halloween party on Sunday afternoon. Stop by any time. Decorations will be here. We will be a stop on the Castle's yearly trick-or-treat map on Thursday. Posters will be available on Thursday of this week. Please pick some up.