Minutes of Writers House meeting, 10/9/96

In attendance: Patrick Kelly, Josh Schuster, Jeff Wachs, Teresa Leo, Vance Bell, Yoona Lee, Nijmie Dzurinko, Allison De Cicio, Rachel Belkin, Elliott Witney, Christy Goralnik, Shawn Walker (minutes)

Next Wednesday 9-11 there will be a discussion group, featuring discussion of the work of Haim Gouri (Jeff Wachs), Anita Desai (Shawn), as well as any other proposals. Shawn explained the difference between Planning Committee Meetings (business/voting) and Discussion Groups (nonmandatory/nonvoting/educational).

Thanks to people doing a great job of covering hours and covering for each other. There is a new list in the kitchen of things you can do while you are covering the House. A little bit helps a lot.

Rebecca Entel made some great signs that we will hang on the gate to attract visitors for tomorrows debut of the House Band. Also, the painted sign is in the back. It needs nuts and bolts and clear outdoor varnish (Jeff) and we need a power drill (Patrick).

Karina was sick but left a report that she was working to set up an account with House of Our Own Book Store. She is also in charge of clean-up, and no items have been checked off the list. Finally, she is planning another trip to the SAS Warehouse.

Al is putting together a hiring committee, to include himself, Shawn, Laura Henderson (senior not applying), Creative Writing Prof, Susan Albertine, and some other disinterested party. Also, he and Dave and Shawn will meet before any of the Xconnect issues we discussed will be brought to a vote.

Elliott and Shawn explained the difference between Open Mics (1st and 3rd Saturdays) and Open House (2nd and 4th Saturdays), and Elliott talked about his ideas for the Open House.

Yoona Lee is working on a poster to advertise the space we want to fill with art. She is also working with Elliott to make a flier for his Open House.

Dinner with Anita Desai will be on October 30th. We voted unanimously to bring Haim Gouri to the House in November.

Christy Goralnik is organizing a Halloween Haunted House. We will decorate the House and take kids through for Halloween, as well as have a party in the evening for people from all UABs and professors. Shawn informed Christy that we do have a community service budget, none of which has been used yet.