Minutes of Writers House Meeting, 10/7/97

by Christine Sullivan, slightly revised by Kerry Sherin

In attendance:  Harris Steinberg, Matt Bixler, Mike Magee, Nate Chinen,
Christine Sullivan, Al Filreis, Jessica Chiu, Kerry Sherin

Most of the discussion was about furniture for the House.

It has been decided that a laptop will be bought for the Arts Cafe and
will be kept in the sound system cabinet. It will be networked and will be
used to assist in recording live readings, etc. so that they can be heard
in Real Audio.  Al also mentioned that the choice of laptop for this room
will not only suit the space restrictions in the cabinet but also
multimedia presentations that may take place in the Arts Cafe
at some point in the future.  Due to the addition of this laptop, there
will be no standing computer in the living room.

The following outstanding issues related to the computer/ sound in the
Arts Cafe are being addressed: (1) Is there the capability to record from
the upstairs seminar room into the audio room.

Mike Magee bought a chair.  It's oak and has red upholstered leather on
the upright back piece and Mike has already begun using polyurethane to
laminate pictures of writers onto the seat.  For those of us who have not
bought a chair, it's time.  The chair should be wooden and have a seat of
a height no greater than 18 inches and it can be personalized any way you
see fit for the Arts Cafe.  The House will reimburse you up to $50. Mike
suggests an unfinished furniture store just over the bridge in Camden.

In general the house is shaping up and Harris Steinberg wants everyone
to be aware that in these final stages of construction we will begin to
notice things like fire alarms and extra handrails.  These items which
may at first seem disconcerting are in accordance with safety and building 
codes on  campus. Keep in mind as Al mentioned that the House
will without a doubt be the least instutional building on campus.

On the flip side of the institutional issue, it seems that Kerry, Harris
and Jean are working hard to find the right pieces of furniture for
the house.  Aside from the dining room chairs, almost everything has been
chosen individually.  The couch for the alcove was ordered; it's a green
velvet couch from Pottery Barn.

Kerry requests that we keep an eye out for poetry stands which may be
used in addition to the podium in the Arts Cafe.

In the cyberlibrary there is still some discussion over which paint
will be used, but the cabinets and some light fixtures are in.  This room
is really shaping up, especially considering how empty and un-usable it
was before construction.  (Dave S., it really looks like a real library!)

Comments, questions, etc.?  Inform the hub.