Minutes of Writers House meeting, 11/26

Re: Open Mics and Show and Tells / Saturday Night Events

Present: Elliott, Patrick, Karina, Dina, Nijmie, Shawm

We met and talked about various issues of Open Mics and Show and Tells, attendance, publicity, security, etc.

Patrick and Elliott both felt that Open Mics and Show and Tells should each be held once a month. Show and Tell will be the last Saturday of the month. Open Mics will be held on the first Saturday of each month with the featured reader as usual (Patrick is this right?). They felt that every Saturday night was a strain on the crowd and that it was getting harder to get people to read, especially at the Open Mics.

Karina felt that it was a good idea to have events every Saturday night. The plan leaves us two Saturday nights open per month. Nijmie mentioned that Yoona has an event idea that would work well on Saturday nights. She also suggested that creative writing classes might want to have Sat night readings followed by open mics.

Advertising: Patrick advertises Open Mics in the city paper. He will also send out an e-mail message to the whcircle for each event. To help publicize, hub members should forward these messages to their classes, etc. The messages should also be sent to creative writing classes. The group also thought perhaps we could get DP coverage for the first open Mic next semester to advertise them.

The Show and Tells are going well and have a good atmosphere. Elliott has done well publicizing them. Tali was a big help getting the ball rolling on the last one.

Karina was concerned about security, closing up the House alone on Saturday nights after Open Mics. Suggestions were: have Patrick leave with her when she closes, have friends stay while she closes, double schedule these hours next semester.

Basically, we all felt Saturday nights were good alternative events, but that they could benefit from more group effort in advertising and security, etc.

Any additions or corrections?