Minutes of Writers House meeting, 12/4

By Alex Edelman

here are tonight's major items, in my opinion. if i have left anything off -- because of delusions from my illness or whatever -- feel free to amend it.



- Holiday party is being catered, so we don't have to put out much effort at all, except maybe some small House decoration. Susan Albertine has "a distributor" for cheap champagne, so we're good with tha too!

- Robert Hass (sp?) might be coming next year (academic year.) It will cost us $500 if we split it with Creative Writing, but it is unclear about how much more he will be required/willing to give for us. Dinner with us afterwards? Mike Magee suggested that the ambiance of the House leads one to informally spend time with the student community. Dave Deifer thinks that it doesn't necessarily matter how much time such a big name spends with us, but just to bring him will positively promote the house and program. Greg D. thinks that Hass as a person is open and amiable to students, so that it might not be a problem to get him to do what we'd prefer him to do. But we will pursue the options via email with the arrangers of his visit.

- We have a growing alumni database. English department has a good contact mechanism in place, and Shawn regularly gets email requests for our mailing list. Shawn suggested a "job fair" event for alumni and students to get together and network, party, etc. Tali and others will get together early next semester to discuss it.

- Plug: Major Jackson is reading at our Open Mic this Saturday night. He's been really good with promoting the WH to the downtown community, so we are all encouraged to attend and read your stuff as well!

-- Jeff Wachs volunteered to host Writers Circles next semester.