Minutes from the meeting of April 29, 1996:

9 pm, Writers House
Compiled by Shawn (final/testing plans) and Alex (notes on meeting)

Each semester, our speaker/activities buget(s) are divided into three equal categories:

A: Formal grant proposals

Calls for proposals are advirtised each semester, with a specific deadline and guidelines. The hub collects the grant proposals and decides on which to sponsor. All hub meetings are open to the public.

B: Rolling grant proposals

Similar format. For those in the University community who miss the deadline but still want to be considered. Reviewed at once-monthly hub meetings.

C: Contingency Funds

Discretionary funds which the hub discusses at meetings/over listserv, etc. Included in order to give the hub freedom to make semi-last minute decisions as things come up.

Question: I am the editor of _Mosaic_, and we have a great idea about a reading series for next spring. I am not a part of the "hub," but I think this would be a very valuable thing to do. How can I get help?

Answer: Apply for funding. (application soon to be available on our homepage and in various locations) We'll help you pay for it, you do the leg work.

Question: I am not a member of any group, and I missed the deadline, but I would like my favorite author, who will be in town next month, to come and read and give a seminar on a weekend. What do I do?

Answer: Apply for some of our rolling funding. Our application proceedure is available on our homepage, or you can take one of these. We'll consider this on the meeting of such-and-such a date, which you are welcome to attend.

Question: I am a member of the hub, or I am not a member of the hub, but I know that so-and-so happens to be in town next week and would stop by the Writers House if we made appropriate arrangements. You don't have a meeting until next month. What do I do?

Answer: We have some funds set aside for last-minute decisions like this. Let's write a proposal to the hub and see what they think.

Question: I was not able to come to such-and-such a meeting. However, I am very interested. What do I do?

Answer: All minutes are posted to the hub and open to discussion. If you miss them there, you can always find them on the homepage at



thank you to marcy zipke for bringing bags of books to the writers house. if anybody knows any graduating seniors who want to ditch books/furniture, etc. please let shawn know.

deciding on speakers, and getting speakers for the house events

(dialogue rather than complete answers. sorry if this is disjointed.)

events for fall