Minutes of Writers House meeting, 9/25/96

By Alex Edelman

1) Hiring Schedule for the next resident coordinator - what are the qualifications that we are looking for,.....do we want a form a committee for this?

- Penn students, grads? Does this person necessarily have to be a creative writer? Perhaps not, perhaps just good interpersonal skills, good coordinating and administrative skills. Willingness to do the job is key.

- Salary? Next year we hope that this will be a full-time, salaried position. Perhaps a 2-year stint, making it more permanent. Ceiling at $20,000 (or $18,000 plus benefits.) No time to take classes.

2) Affiliating Xconnect officially with Penn and the WH. What does this mean?

3) Hours for covering the house: please don't miss your shift!

4) Jazz/Acoustic Music -- Nate Chinen wants to perhaps affiliate his band with the WH. They are so excited about playing for the House. People expressed interest and enthusiasm.

5) Greater thoughts: We need to improve upon our writer-selection process. A standard for the honoraria? Tiers of honoraria that we can offer to writers, based on "quality"? Need to get the work out to the group ahead of time so the group can make more informed opinions.

6) Proposals: