Minutes of First meeting, 1/16

taken by Shawn Walker

Present: Susan Albertine, Greg Djanikian, Al Filreis, Nijmie Dzurinko, Shawn Walker

Susan and Larry are going to work together to find out requirements for how this job can be listed and Human Resource deadlines. Questions raised:

Shawn is going to write a job description. Larry described this as a page and a half, beginning with a one-paragraph description, 5-6 general bullets, and a set of qualifications. We discussed some qualifications: technological skills, group advising, interpersonal, established connection/interst in local writing community, building administrative skills, strong interest in working with skills, mentoring/teaching/advising skills, a good *reader*. The RC would be required to live in the House. The job would be from July 1st through June 31st (fiscal year).

When we have a job description, advertising will advise applicants to send a letter of interest and a resume to Susan at her College Hall address. We should say "Applications received on or before (date) will receive preferential review."

Al is going to create a whhire listserv.

Larry suggested that we make contact with the Greenfield Intercultural Center since their administrative set-up is very similar to ours, with a live-in Coordinator and 11 work-study students.

We also discussed the possibility of summer sessions. We should contact David Fox of CGS, who would be interested in offering more hang-out opportunities for those taking summer classes. Larry suggested it may be a time of revenue production if we host conferences or a summer Writers Camp. At any rate, it will definitely be a year-long job.