The hub

An Ode to Hub

by Dina Westenholtz

Leave off, I say, Cast off
This virtual habit, my friends
'Tis an elusive, illusive space
Meant but for to supplement;

A ritual to enrich you all,

And that more fundamental place
That kinetic space of creation-
Let us recourse to live discourse,
where minds meet in immediate combustion

Of sparks in sport of a fantastical sort

That fizzle in a cold cyber wasteland
Which cannot alone sustain us
Nor the momentum of our family surge
Nurtured by moments gregarious

I will disclose what I propose:

This saturday a brunch is scheduled
With visting writers, which could be
An impromptu and creative meeting
Of our ill-fated planning commitee

And we need not eschew, well may we argue

But if so let's war with passions
And clashes and fluries of arms,
For though more violent, surely less capable
Of inflicting some enduring harms

And perhaps, in this actual lapse

In this real space in a circle in a house
We may find ourselves being
And bouncing off walls off each other
A community perpetually self creating