Chapter summary

Prologue on invisibility

1           Battle Royal
2           Norton hears Trueblood's story
3           Norton at "The Golden Day"
4           Norton and I. return; I. faces Bledsoe
5           Homer Barbee's sermon about The Founder
6           Bledsoe to I. on lying to white; kicks him out
7           bus-ride to NYC; last lesson from Mad Vet; Harlem
8           I. looks for a job
9           I. meets rapping man; meets Young Emerson
10          day at paint factory; Brockway; the Union; paint explosion
11          electric lobotomy
12          Mary Rambo takes I. in; evicted from Men's House
13          yams; the old couple evicted; I's speech; meets Jack
14          hired by Brotherhood; Jack & dances with Emma
15          says goodbye to Mary, moves to Brotherhood apt downtown
16          makes first Bro. speech (remembers lit. class lesson)
17          first rally, w/ Tod Clifton, meets Ras the Exhorter
18          good talk w/ Tarp, I. is denounced by Wrestrum
19          transfer downton to speak on Women Question; faces not the
            "class struggle" but the "ass struggle"
20          Harlem again: watches Clifton shot by police; contemplates
            his failure on subway
21          Tod Clifton's funeral march
22          Brotherhood policy change w/out I. knowing; he is denounced
23          I. realizes he can mistaken for Rinehart & plans to subvert
            the Brotherhood
24          Jack's party; I. takes Sybil home; gets call to hurry to
25          riot in Harlem; looting; I. driven underground

Irving Howe's review of Invisible Man.
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